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Use Your Customer Testimonials on Your Marketing Videos

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Videos are becoming one of the most important parts of an advertising campaign and the bad news is that the number of marketing video is increasing. It means that your audiences have lots of videos to enjoy and they can disregard if a video is not gorgeous or reliable.

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Try to build a story

Therefore, when you want to convince your clients to keep watching, you should have customer testimonials in your videos. This is also important for those who want to promote their products or services.

Recognize the Power of a Customer Testimonial Video

  •    With positive customer testimonials, you can increase the trustworthy and plausibility of your brand image.
  •    Customer testimonials support you prove a strong portfolio of patrons and it also shows you how possible customers can impact your company.
  •    This probably boosts your purchasing process in the level that you will be surprised!
  •    Customer testimonial videos are more appealing and prospects will draw more attention to a video rather than a word copy.
  •    Targeted audiences will watch real people that have already used your service or purchased your products. This is called trust foundation and it is also an initial gate for connecting your future customers in the forthcoming time.
  •    Magnificent testimonial videos are made in a track which focuses attention on some pain points which prospective customers are having on. And your videos can prove how to give a solution.
  •    Mostly, videos are common on social funnels these days and testimonial videos could be shared on these structures easily. Additionally, you enable to catch wider targeted audiences as well.
  •    In general, website visitors can view on a website around 2 minutes longer than website audiences do not find any video.

Consider some Factors before making your Marketing Video

Making a testimonial video sounds easy and simple as you just open your camera and begin with it. However, you should not take everyone and jump on a camera only!

You need to plan about it because your audiences do not have time to watch your joke story. Remove all haphazard thing and be serious in this task. Here are some criterions you should know in advance.

Select your Customer Testimonial Carefully

Find a customer who has touchable with your product or service. It also includes observed evidence of what it achieved them.

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It is not complicated for your top salesperson to promote your product by using your testimonial video when they have powerful metrics behind the story.

If you want to accelerate to the executive level, you will need to pay attention to the ROI in each your product.

Think of an Industry Leader

It would be great to have a client with common name recognition which will offer vast value as your company can take it by selling your product or service. However, it is not easy to get these prominent people as you have to build a solid relationship with them.

Acceptance Points

These points could often forget when you making your plan, but you do not want to face some disappointed stories after that. So, you should not take a risk by discussing with your legal teams about the copyright and something like this.

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When should you undertake Testimonial Videos?

Exhibitions and conferences are great opportunities to catch some testimonials. This is the time some experts can participate in and discuss a specific topic.

For your business, it is amazing chance to do everything in order to introduce your product or service. You could meet your loyal clients and ask for testimonial videos.

How to make an Impressive Testimonial Video

Build a Valuable Story

No matter how great you build the theme for your video, the content does not have a story in the testimonials; people do not continue to pay attention to.

Nonetheless, it does not mean you make a story like a primary pupil does at her or his school. You should make your concept structure and think of something like pain points, customer desire, solutions, and result.

Evade Memorizing Scripts

The entire point of getting a customer testimonial video is displaying the human side of the business. Everyone wants to hear about talented persons and their experiences.

So, when you implement these, they wish to do business with you or they will sell your products. Prepare a script is good when you encourage your customers to perform from their hearts.

Do not miss out Emotional Aspect on your Testimonial Video

Your audiences are not robots, so you should connect to them by emotion. Remember that the goal of getting a testimonial video is to persuade viewers to trust your brand and buy your products at the end.

However, do not just produce tons of videos like a machine. You should add your emotion in the testimonial video. By doing this, your audiences believe that your testimonials are real.

Before shooting your camera, you should prepare a list of all words that you can describe your message best. It could be fun, encouraging or any kind of platform you would like. See these words and attempt to connect them to the theme in a video.

Display benefits to keep your Customer’s Eyes on your Video

This is always true in every video. Your patrons often raise these questions like Why should I watch this video? Is it attractive enough for me to take a few minutes to watch?

In the testimonial video, you can have another customer to mention how cool your product or service is. These are also outstanding features and other benefits as well. Show them the reasons to maintain your brand instead of using others of rivals.

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Customer testimonial video – a new gate to present your brand

In a nutshell, customer testimonial videos are a marvelous tool to demonstrate how well your product or service is. Nevertheless, do not forget to add some tastes in your videos like you are enjoying the main course or a dessert only.

Your patrons also will love it pretty much! With a testimonial video, you ought to boost a small campaign to appear in the social media simply.

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