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Garmin CT10 Tracker Explained with Some Useful Troubleshooting Tips

Garmin CT10 Tracker
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Garmin is a well-known name in the GPS tracking systems market, especially in the automobile industry. But, you may have also heard of Garmin Golf GPS systems – the Garmin Approach S60 and the Approach S20. Both are smartwatches preferred by many consumers because of their rugged performance, waterproof and great screen display image.

Garmin the Foremost Leader in the Golf Device Market:

Without Garmin golf devices, playing golf can be a hard sport as you will not know anything about how to navigate around the courses.

Even if you take a normal GPS device, there are even times when your GPS device fails to work and you wrongly set the golf ball towards the other direction and you would not want that in a sport like Golf.

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This is where Garmin golf gadgets can help you make playing the sport easier with easy navigation around different golf courses.

Garmin Introduced CT10 Tracker:

Online you can easily search and buy Garmin golf watches that show complete data and track your golf swing.

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It’s a fact that, though golf GPS devices give you a proper insight of the course, but Garmin is now thinking to provide you an extra helping hand with Approach CT10 tracker that provides you a complete insight to mark shots basis on the automatic syncing with supporting Garmin smartwatches.

The Garmin Approach CT10 tracker have sensors to place into the pinholes on the top of your golf club grips, simply sync it to Garmin golf watches to use it.

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Once they’re synced, your GPS watch will start work with the sensors that will help you mark shots for each club in your bag. This will give you an accurate and detailed shot tracking.

All your tracking data is then linked to the free Garmin Golf app, that gives you better insights of your game.

However, Garmin app needs to be updated, and for that, you can look for Garmin map updates on Garmin Website or simply call on Garmin customer service team to have full info on an update for Garmin golf watch & map updates.

Now, let’s see how to troubleshoot Approach S60 device:

Issue: Garmin Approach S60 unable to detect nearby golf courses.

Step 1:

Check for your Garmin device course update. If it is interrupted or canceled, that may be the reason why your Garmin S60 device missing course data. To correct the missing course data, you must update the courses again.

Step 2:

Start by downloading Garmin Express application on your device and install the course updates from the app and disconnect your device safely.

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Note: (You can also look for free Garmin map update on Garmin Express™ application)

Step 3:

Go out in an open space and start testing the device for nearby course updates.

In the End:

Overall, the new Garmin S60 golf watch is a great device for an avid golfer.Now you’ll also get Approach CT10 tracker as a helping hand for accurate marking of shots, it has many benefits, that have been already listed above. Having the ability to use a smart tool like Garmin S60 golf watch is what we want, and it is very handy to use. Also, the S60 watch is a stylish one and a useful tool that every golfer would love to have.

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