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4 Great Online Vendors That Accept Crypto

Online Vendors That Accept Crypto
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Let’s be honest: if you haven’t yet embraced the advent of cryptocurrency, you’re falling behind the curve. Early adopters made thousands (or even millions of dollars) off of their initial investment, and those who deal in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies today experience a host of conveniences and benefits because of the revolutionary technology.

As big banks and governments start to understand how to adopt blockchain technology to suit their purposes, it’s becoming clear that crypto means secure, instantaneous transactions with little room for security breaches, meddling and fraud.

If you still think that crypto is primarily a fringe phenomenon, just look to the increasing number of legitimate vendors who accept Bitcoin, Litecoin et al.

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Because transactions involving crypto happen quickly and without unforeseen charges from your bank, it is in any online vendors interest to accept crypto, if only in the name of customer service.

As we drift further into the 21st century and commerce and consumerism continue their mass migration to the online sphere, it only makes sense that a secure, peer governed, online system would develop as an alternative to outdated banking systems, with all their back-office paperwork and overly complicated security protocols.

In a sense, currencies powered by the Blockchain remove the possibility of corruption and human error – and considering how much corruption and human error we see on a day-to-day basis, that counts for a lot.

In the coming years, we’ll see more and more and more businesses adding an option for crypto and eventually, it will be completely normal. At this stage, the primary obstacle is simply a lack of knowledge, but as crypto stabilizes and becomes established, folks will want to learn how to buy and sell Bitcoin, regardless of whether or not they understand the inner workings of the blockchain.

Here, for example, are four popular companies that already accept payment in the form of Bitcoin:


Microsoft users can deposit Bitcoin into their online accounts, to be used for purchasing games, renting movies etc. This basically streamlines the process so that you can manage your entertainment hub easily without needing to update credit card information.

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This online travel behemoth is a one-stop-shop for folks looking to book flights, hotels and restaurants. Crypto is particularly attractive to travelers on the go, since transactions are processed right away, and exchange fees are avoided entirely. At present, you can only book hotels with crypto, but that will likely change soon.



Shopify is a huge online market in the vein of Etsy that connects vendors with potential customers. Since the site is all about helping people connect, it makes sense that they would implement an option to make direct payments on the peer-to-peer system of the blockchain.

More Stamps Global:

An up and coming travel site that accepts a whopping forty different types of crypto. Unlike Expedia, you can already book hotels, flights, activities, car rentals, etc., etc. This really opens up the travel experience for fluid, on the fly spontaneity!

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As more popular vendors begin to accept crypto, don’t get left in the dust. Find a reliable crypto platform today and get with the times!

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