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How to be Successful in Blogging

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Do you want to get success in blogging? Do you know, what makes bloggers successful in blogging?

In this article, we will discuss what makes people success in blogging.

Now we will share blogging tips collected by SEO Magnifier.

Move to WordPress

This is very important, because WordPress is the most popular platform for building blogs. On Blogger (blogging platform owned by Google) you don’t have sufficient control over your blog.

Whereas on WordPress you have full control of your website. It can be anything that will affect the reader on our blog. We can easily manage themes and WordPress plugins.

A wide variety of plugins are available in WordPress which enables add features and upgrade the functionality of your blog.

You should not just post any content. You should focus on sharing valuable content with your readers. It should be well written, so a visitor can understand easily.

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There are so many books available in the market on writing. Stephen King is one of them this is very helpful in writing. You should make it personal.

Use your own Writing Style

Your content should include keyword and LSI keywords for the search engine perspective. It drives organic traffic to blog. So before writing content research keyword of high CPC and low competition keywords and unique content using best free paraphrasing tool.

Then write good quality content in your own voice and style.

Don’t Imitate

Don’t imitate anyone, use your own writing style to personalise your content. Do not copy other people’s work. Research and write your own unique content.

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Write in clear terms for easy comprehension. Unique and interesting content is a key requirement for success in blogging.

Research your own keyword and write captivating content targeting the keyword. As a blogger you probably already know that Google loves new and unique contents. It does not matter if you are writing new or old content. You have to focus on unique ideas.

Avoid Boring Headlines

Captivating headlines help to drive traffic to a blog from social media. When people’s looks on content headlines they will click on links just because the headline. This is why click bait is now very popular.

Note that click bait can backfire especially if the content is not related to the headline and the intension is the mislead your audience.

So, we should also title or headline a content according to the content summary, just make it interesting. It might be helpful to drive traffic to blog.

Echo Chamber:

Echo chamber means your blog is really adding value to your users. It will help your website get high authority. So write valuable content other wise it is just a waste.

Content should be valuable. You will get more visitor and visitor will be get converted into the regular readers. So always write valuable content.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one important way of building your reputation. You write interesting content and request other blogs to publish your blog posts on their blog. The catch is that you add links in the guest posts.

This is good for SEO as these blogs will be passing link juice to your website improving its performance in Search Engine Result Pages.

Images Matter

Images always matters because if you will share content on social media, people will click on the link just because of those images.

So you should always choose good images and never write a post without at least an image. Images does not only look good on the corporate site but on blogs as well. You can also use images for lengthy articles that is just like a break in an office.

Images are also good for SEO to rank well in Google. Good ranking on Google will result in more traffic on your blog.


As we know content is king yes content is king but the layout of the site should be well structured to make a really good impression on new visitors.

You should manage the widgets, sidebar, footer, menu all the structures of your website. Google has announced some fonts like as robot, open sans, make use of these fonts for better usability.

Email Newsletter

Consider using email newsletters if you want to be a professional blogger. You would have to make an email list of your visitors.

You can do this by using different plugins one of them is Bloom. So you should start building your email list, which will also be useful with affiliate marketing.


It means you have to create a engagement with your content on the internet. It can be done by your followers who share your previous articles on social media.

You should reply comments of visitors on your blog. They are your fans stay connected with them because they will help you a lot to create echo chamber on the internet.


It is your windows on the opportunity to impress them. So your blog must have an about us page. When new visitor they need to about your expertise before they start following you. So make an impression with your about us page.

Create Lists

Lists or Listicles are easy ways to create engagement and build traffic to your blog. Write user valuable content in list format, they will share your content on social media, just because of the valuable information, so start making the list today.

Stay Fresh

You have to always keep changing and updating your content because search engine loves updated content. It could also help you get more traffic to your blog because fresh content are usually the most relevant content.

Reader or Revenue

Think of the reader first and revenue later. Because if you will be able to drive the reader to your blog, then automatically you will get a sale from your website. However, don’t think about the reader alone, revenue should also factor once you start getting more traffic.

Generously Link

Build internal links to your website pages to other relates topics on your blog that are very helpful to the reader. This can also be helpful with SEO.


I think this is very important everyone for everyone owning a blog. Play by the rule. Respect the privacy of your users. Do not copy other people content. Avoid black hat SEO that could cause you problems.

The most successful bloggers write about their experiences and play by the rule. They consistently publish well researched and well written content on their blog.

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