How to Make Text Fancy and Cool

Make Text Fancy and Cool
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There is always the issue with the people these days that how to make their text look fancy and cool, most of them are the content writers and the bloggers who just had needed new ways to make there text fancy and cool in order to make the good impression towards the reader. But you guys don’t have to be worried about anymore I will present you some of the best writing technique through which I guarantee after reading this article can be able to change your causal text to fancy and cool looking and there are many benefits for the fancy text.

Friendly suggestion, use this website to save your time and efforts . you just need to visit this website and select your desired style. After that enter your text in the text box, and click on the convert button it will convert your simple text into some thing really cool and fancy. There are some other methods which are following .

Firstly you guys have to use your full body to make your text look cool and fancy because when you use yours all fingers with the gentle grip to the pen will give you more beautiful words to be written from that angle. Then you should have to take the essential utensils which are being basic for your writing. You should also have to write in a slow way because writing with speed will give your text look ugly sometime and give a bad impression. And you should also have to make sure that you are sitting in the right place because sometimes as you notice if you bent too low it will give your text not fancy and cool looking as you want.

You also have to get the variety of bundle of the nibs because each nib has its own purpose of writing and it will be a great benefit to make the text look fancy. A big mistake that most people writers do that that they press the pen hard which is being wrong. You should have to hold your pen through the 30-degree angle because it gives you the unity and variation to the characters. You guys also have to pay attention to the patterns while writing the text because it gives the smoothness to your text. Paper also matters while you are writing your text because if you use the low-level paper then your text will not be up to the mark and it will also not looked as you desire it to be fancy and cool.

To make the new words by rearranging method for that because the it will give new words to learn out. You can also try this website Suppose your name is John Smith by this name you use the this  technique and you can have the new words like hit, shit and join first you should have to find out the small words and then you have to find the bigger words from there. You can also use the scrabble pieces to get help, because it may get hard for the most people sometimes to remember the words that how many time the letter (d) had come in the letter. You can also eliminate the trouble letters which may you have to think are not suitable for the required situation.

You can also try other methods to make multiple words from your single word. Like guessing method. You need to guess some words by seeing 1st and last alphabet of your word, the success ratio of this method depends on your thinking, keep trying after two or three try hope you will get your desired word, or may be right after your 1st try its all depends on your thinking. You can also use books for this purpose. There are a lot of books in the market you can pick any one and search for your desired word. You can search with your starting alphabet  and can see a lot of words that are starting from staring word. In this way you will be able to find your desired word.

There are some benefits of these tricks(yeah you can call these cool method to tricks). The major benefit of these all tricks is that your thinking power will be increased, after playing such tricks you will be able to thing even twice faster and vast as compared to before. Other benefit is that your free time will be used in good things instead of any dull activity. Another benefit is now you are become a problem solver and become more famous in you friends circle. Yes you will be able to solve any kind of  problem faster then any other.  And this is also major point which can highlight you at any point.

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