Your Oral Health Partner: 10 Mobile Apps for Your Patients’ Dental Care

10 Mobile Apps for Your Patients’ Dental Care
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Most of the time, software applications in your mobile devices give you a lot of ease with tasks that you use them for. Whatever your profession is, there will always be some app that’ll help you in your daily routines. As a dentist, you can take advantage of these mobile dental apps in managing and making your dental practice more accessible.

These apps help you to easily make ordering of supplies, assist your patients in giving educational materials, and make instant communication with your patients. That being said, let’s take a glimpse of these mobile apps for your patients’ dental care.

1. DCStory

DCStory is an iPad dental application that is an excellent educational and motivational tool for your patients. This apps helps you to provide treatment plan options and educational counseling for them.

The app allows you to clearly explain the complex dental procedures to your patients in a clear and high-quality format. Some of its features would allow you to view photos and draw or write out additional information directly on the images. Also, you can email or print them using the app.


DDS GP or Dental Demo Suite General Practice is a mobile application designed to help you in presenting the dental conditions and treatments to your patients. This app is an ideal way to provide your patients with easy to understand treatment plans.

Also, the DDS GP app helps you to influence your patients in making good dental health care decisions. You can upload their photos in your app library and use them in your corresponding demonstration.

3. Lexi-Dental Complete

Lexi-Dental Complete is a dental app designed for professionals and students. The app serves as your superior dental resource and is essential in giving you natural product info, dental conditions, drug info and effects, dental emergency handbook, etc.

4. MyDentist

MyDentist, an app created by Dental Anywhere, provides you an idea of enhancing your communication with your patients. Using the app, your patient can text, contact your office, and send diagrams and photos to give you a better illustration of his dental concerns.

The dental app allows your patient to contact you when emergencies happen. On the other hand, you can access dental support and provide emergency instructions for your patient. Also, your patient can use this app to request appointments with you or contact you whenever he/she has dental needs.

5. DentalStat

DentalStat is an easy-to-use app designed to help you in calculating the specific doses of your patients. You can use this app to list down and prescribe the most common dental medicines for your patients that they can submit in the pharmacy.

6. Medscape Mobile

Medscape mobile is a dental app that provides a medical resource to medical students, physicians, nurses, dentists, and other healthcare professionals. The app is designed as your great tool to give your patients the correct drug interactions and dosage. It can be your medical calculator as well.

For healthcare professionals, Medscape Mobile is the perfect app for your patient’s healthcare needs. Further, the app can provide you with an accessible platform for practicing your field with its latest dental and medical features.

7. iRomexis

iRomexis is a dental app for iPad designed for viewing 2D and 3D images. This application displays these organized and categorized images to educate your patient regarding their dental health concerns. Also, the app provides an excellent image resolution quality.

8. Dental Rx

Dental Rx is a free app that allows you to write a prescription and deliver it to a lab immediately through email. The app provides a case entry form dedicated to all the aspects of your dental lab prescriptions such as final shade, dentin color, and occlusal plane. Also, using this app will help you to minimize the order errors.

9. Dental Product Shopper or DPS

Dental Product Shopper is an app that provides you with in-depth product information about your dental profession. The app helps you in dealing with your purchasing decisions, especially on the new dental equipment.

Also, DPS is an easy-to-navigate app and your reliable practice management resource that gives you the correct information about dental product evaluations, and the newest dental products in the market as well.

10. Dental Expert

Dental Expert serves as your comprehensive guide on educating your patients about all the aspects of dental practice. It is necessary that you’re able to instil them with the proper dental health care with the use of this convenient app.

Also, Dental Expert app provides the correct info about when to visit for regular dental checkup and operations as well. Thus, this app would be ideal for your ClearChoice dental implants and other dental health concerns.


The good thing about having these mobile apps is the fact that they provide numerous advantages when it comes to dental health routine. For dentists, these dental apps could serve as their helping hand in performing their dental health care duties easier.

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