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Oppo A5 Specs and Price

Oppo much like some smartphone OEMs out there released two similar smarphones only different by RAM size and internal storage space. The Oppo A5 is the exact same model has the Oppo A3s except for the higher 64GB storage space and 4GB RAM the former have. There is also...
Oppo A3s

Oppo A3s Specs and Price

We've seen some features in high end smarphones trickle down to budget smartphones, from the dual camera showing its face to some even going ahead to sport quad cameras and now some of the new entry-level smarphones now have a notched display. The Oppo A3s is made this way,...
Leagoo M9 Pro

Leagoo M9 Pro Specs and Price

Leagoo has been extending its reach lately especially in Nigeria where it is now becoming a product you can see from time to time in people's hands. The Leagoo M0 Pro is the upgrade of the Leagpo M9 and it has a similar dual camera feature in common. Basically,...
UmiDigi Z2 Pro

UmiDigi Z2 Pro Specs and Price

Presenting UmiDiGi's flagship for the year 2018, UmiDigi Z2 Pro which also takes the title of the first smartphone to come with the Helio P60 chipset. On the outside, there is still the same design as the UmiDigi Z2 which looks stunning by the way but with an entirely...
BlackBerry Key2

BlackBerry Key2 Specs and Price

Surging further in its quest to regain its ground in the smartphone market, a follow-up release have been made to the BlackBerry KeyOne. BlackBerry smartphones are now made by TCL which is responsible for making Alcatel phones too in a similar way HMD makes Nokia phones. The BlackBerry Key2...
Sony Xperia XA2 Plus

Sony Xperia XA2 Plus Specs and Price

The mid-range category is the most competitive market at the moment which is why Sony has dimmed it fit to update their mid-range Xperia line with the Sony Xperia XA2 Plus release. Like the others, the smartphone maintains a similar build except for the change in aspect ratio to 18:9...
Android Auto Head Unit

Choosing an Android Auto Head Unit: Essential Considerations

An Android auto head unit is one of the best ways to update the form and function of your car without punching holes in the wallet. There are high-end options that are quite expensive, but there are also many options that are budget-friendly. What brand or model can provide the...
Refillable Ink Cartridges

Benefits of Refillable Ink Cartridges

Refillable ink cartridges give a lot of benefits. If you have a printer, having one will give you an edge. Below are some of the advantages this type of ink cartridge have over non-refillable ones. More economical Refillable ink cartridges could be considered a more affordable option when compared with non-refillable...
Hacks to fix iCloud Storage

Simple Hacks to fix iCloud Storage is Full

We are living in the age of modern technology. Due to the emergence of the latest technology we have various devices and tools for our routine life. The one of this advancement is the iCloud technology. This technology is usually used to store your data in a virtual server managing...
Top Computer Tune-Up Products You Can Use Today

Top Computer Tune-Up Products you can use Today

If you’re like most people, you’re probably using computers all day long at work and using them for many hours at home, whether for work or leisure. To make yourself more productive, and to have less stress, you really need to make sure all your devices run optimally, day...