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Blu C5 LTE

Blu C5 LTE Specs and Price

Much like most smartphones from Blu, the Blu C5 LTE smartphone is a low budget smartphone and one of the most basic you can come across. Apart from the 4G LTE connectivity, it doesn't really have any difference from its 3G smartphone peers. Even for a low budget category,...
Blu Grand M2 LTE

Blu Grand M2 LTE Specs and Price

Rather than the premium-like name you see here, the smartphone is an all round low budget smartphone despite the addition of LTE connectivity. Which means the Blu Grand M2 LTE smartphone is cheap and does not have much to bring to the table when it comes to functionalities. However,...
Blu Studio G3

Blu Studio G3 Specs and Price

Out of the numerous budget smartphones released by Blu the previous year comes the Blu Studio G3 smartphone. The smartphone like most budget smartphone comes with basic android features. Unlike premium smartphones, the device is not stacked up with features, what you have here is a simple Android phone....
Blu R2 Plus

Blu R2 Plus Specs and Price

Recently, budget smartphone have been getting better and better. Blu as a company that majors in budget smartphones is one of the smartphone maker involved in this change. The Blu R2 Plus is one of the evidence of this change. Much like the Blu Life One X3, the smartphone boasts...
Blu Life One X3

Blu Life One X3 Specs and Price

Blu is an American OEM mostly specialised in low budget smartphones and has quite a number of them in their portfolio. The Blu Life One X3 is a little beyond that and can be categorised as a mid-range budget smartphone. It offers quite a number of features part of...
Digital Marketing Strategy

The Importance of Placing Instagram in your Digital Marketing Strategy

Instagram is a fun site, full of beautiful visuals and breathe taking pictures. This social app has more than 800 million active users these days. But Instagram is much more than just having the collection of amazing pictures. The app is now part of the digital marketing strategy of...
Blu Grand 5.5 HD II

Blu Grand 5.5 HD II Specs and Price

Blu Grand 5.5 HD II  is one of the many budget smartphones from the American OEM, Blu, an acronym for 'Bold Like Us'. The smartphone is a typical low budget smartphone that offers basic android features only. This in turn translates to a well priced affordable device.  So if...
Setup WooCommerce on WordPress

How to Setup WooCommerce on WordPress

WooCommerce is a popular eCommerce platform from WordPress that seems a good fit for all kinds of online stores. However, Shopify is another well-known eCommerce platform that has been popularly used. If you want to see which would be a better platform for your online store, you may go...
helpful tools for content marketing

15 Tools to Boost Your Content Marketing in 2018

Your content marketing journey will not just kickstart itself. You need to get in there, get your hands dirty and make all the good stuff happen. To make the world notice you, there are a number of tools you can use to make things happen faster. Some of such...
Blu Dash L4 LTE

Blu Dash L4 LTE Specs and Price

Blu is an American OEM and also the name on the Valencia Football Club's jersey in case you haven't noticed. The smartphone maker as a number of smartphones among which is today's smartphone, the Blu Dash L4 LTE. The low budget smartphone is one that strictly adhere to low...