5 Cool Gadgets Every Event Professional Should Carry While Traveling

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Event planning is not for the faint-hearted. It’s definitely not for the travel-weary because event planners are always on the go. From airports to hotels, from conference centers to property site inspections, they’ll be everywhere.

Most experienced event planners have got their travel life sorted. But for those who have just started down this road, these 5 technological tools will make your life easier while traveling.

1. Power Bank

Power Bank charging a Smartphone

While traveling, event managers shouldn’t worry about their devices running out of juice. A power bank is an absolute must-have for you on the go. With a mobile device charger, you can refresh the batteries of dead phones or tablets. It allows you to stay in touch with your team 24/7, watch videos, and go through client presentations and meeting recordings.

2. WiFi Hotspot Device

Airport and hotel Wi-Fi can be slow. A portable WiFi device allows you to use the internet that is fast while on the move. Best thing is that you pay for only the data you use. Also, you can also share your data with others as well.

3. A Smartphone Or a Tablet


Mobile technology is an integral part of event planning. For event planners on the go, it’s a no-brainer that smartphones are beneficial.

With a smartphone, you can easily coordinate with the team, be available 24/7, keep a note of all important events (appointments, task lists, schedule), etc.

Moreover, it’s easily available with the best financing options.

A smartphone also has a host of free event management apps designed specifically to streamline the event management processes.

4. Portable Scanner

The scanner is portable and so small that it can be easily slipped into a purse. The device is useful for event planners when they are doing site inspections. This device can easily scan floor maps and contracts.

5. Distance and Size Measurement App

Event planners need to do site inspections often, where they measure indoor and outdoor spaces. However, while travelling, it is inconvenient to travel with a tape measure or ruler. There are a lot of options in size and distance measurement apps.

They are free and can be easily downloadable on iPhone and smartphone. The app instantly calculates the size of objects, big and small. It also measures the distance that is too far to measure by hand. The measurements are then displayed on the phone screen.

6. Travel Power Strip

A travel power strip is a life saver when all your devices – smartphone, laptop, power bank, tablet need charging and your hotel has just one charging point. This portable device has multiple charging outlets and that include USB ports as well.

Travelling Tips for Event Professionals

1. Invest in a Good Suitcase

Since you are always on the go, your suitcase takes a lot of beating from airport baggage handlers. Invest in a suitcase that can withstand rough handling. Also, buy a suitcase with 360-degree wheels so that it is easy for you to push than pull.

2. Pack a set of Toiletries

Always keep two sets of toiletries ready – one for an overnight trip and the other for longer trips.

3. Pack Low Maintenance Clothes

Pack clothes that are easy to maintain and do not wrinkle easily.

4. Choose Comfort over Style in Shoes.

Pack comfortable shoes that can keep you on your feet for long.

5. Pack the Basic Event Materials.

Pack these 5 things always:

  • Scissors
  • Safety pins
  • Tape
  • Tide-to-go pens
  • Sharpies

Enjoy your trip!

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