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These days you need to tap into Digital Marketing to grow your business. With the world going digital, you cannot afford to be left behind. Businesses of all sizes from the small home-based businesses to large global enterprises now use digital marketing to grow their market share and profit.

As a small business owner there are three approaches you can use to run digital marketing for your business. You can do it yourself, employ someone to manage your digital marketing, or engage the services of a digital marketing service provider like DevilzSEO.

Each approach has its pros and cons, you just have to find which one works best for you. Doing it yourself means you have to spend time you would spent on your core business learning and implementing digital marketing, which can spread you pretty thin.

Hiring a full-time staff to handle digital marketing might not be cost effective especially for small business with limited requirement to justify paying someone full time.

Outsourcing is usually the most cost effective way to go for small businesses. You can pay for what you need and not a penny more.

If all you need is Jasa SEO (SEO Services), you pay for just that. Outsourcing also means you can hire experts to handle the different types of digital marketing that you need.

No need hiring a jack of all trade to handle all your digital marketing, when you can get an expert anytime for specific digital marketing needs.

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For example, if you need SEO, you go for an SEO expert. You can do the same for social media marketing, search engine marketing, or web design.

You can outsource your digital marketing needs to freelancers available at freelancing sites or you can engage digital marketing consulting companies like DevlizSEO.

Digital Marketing Needs of Businesses

Here are some of the ways you can use digital marketing in your business.

Social Media Marketing

Why are Social Media Comments important

Social media is probably the easiest path to digital marketing for your business. There are dozens of social media platforms to use in growing your business.

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You can easily open a free account on most social networking sites and start building and engaging your audience.

There are now billions of people using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc, they are an audience waiting to be tapped.

However, too many options can also be a problem. Not every social network will work for your business and spending time in all of them may not be the best option.

Also while social media is usually free, but to gain traction, you may need to spend money on advertising.

This is why you need to contact social media experts who can help you target your time on the most effective social media networks and to target your budget more effective for optimum result.

You can hire a digital marketing providers like DevilzSEO or find a freelancer that offer social media marketing services from freelancing sites.

A Website

Designing Websites

While social media is an easy and fast entry point to digital marketing, you cannot fully tap the potential of digital marketing without your own websites.

A website should be at the core of your digital marketing. Your strategy should be driving traffic to your your website where hopefully you are showcasing your products and services.

Even when you are engaging on social media, your ultimate aim should be to tap the engagement and drive users to learn more about your products and services.

A website will also enable you tap into other forms of digital marketing like email marketing, content marketing, SEO, and search engine marketing.

Social media is great for starting digital marketing, but having your own website will enable you unleash the full potential of the internet to grow your business.

Again, a service like DevilzSEO can be helpful in this regard or you can find a well rated freelancer in web design to build a website for you.


Why Websites Have Become The Business Deciding Factor - SEO

Having a website is great, but you need to optimise it so that it ranks high on search engine, which is the secret of getting targeted visitors on your website. This is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes in.

Using on-page, off-page, and technical SEO, an SEO expert can get your website to rank high for relevant keywords, which will result loads of visitors and potential customers.

Using SEO techniques like link-building, SEO providers like DevilzSEO can help you grow get your website rank higher.

Apart from SEO, you can also use search engine marketing (SEM) to get a head-start with search engine traffic. SEM involves paying a search engine like Google for priority placement in SERPs.

SEM is different from SEO, in the sense that for SEM you pay the search engine for traffic, but for SEO don’t pay the search engine, you just have to follow best practices.

Email Marketing

Analyzing Email marketing campaign

Email marketing involves using email to market to customers and potential customers. However, first you need to build an email list. This could be a list of the email address of all customers that have ever bought your products or services.

With this you can upsell and market your other products. While using email marketing to squeeze-out more sales from your existing customers is great, the real power of email marketing in lead building and new customer acquisition.

This later approach is very effective if you have a website. You can ask visitors to signup for some compelling offer, but require to provide their email address in order to opt-in.

You can them send them helpful emails laced with marketing of your products and services.

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