How to Grow your Website with Off-site SEO Tactics

SEO with Off-Site Tactics
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It’s often difficult to get the right mix of onsite vs off-site SEO (search engine optimisation) for your digital marketing strategy.   Growing website traffic is one reason why it’s a good idea to complete a digital marketing course to keep up to date with new SEO trends.

When developing your digital marketing strategy, it’s worthwhile to also note that search engine’s like Google is forever evolving and best SEO practices are constantly changing.

Although basically when it comes to effective SEO, there are only two real options to approach it with, which are on and off-site SEO.

On-site SEO deals with what you can do to increase your website’s search engine rankings and off-site SEO deals with how to digitally market your site on other sites or off-pages to raise your rankings. It’s good to keep in mind that both on-site and off-site SEO techniques are equally important.

What does off-site SEO involve?

Off-site SEO involves any activity that drives traffic to your site and that creates awareness of your website, which includes link-building, guest blogging, and social media.

But off-site SEO basically boils down to one major point – which is the creation of high-quality backlinks to your site.  Clearly put, the more backlinks you can get, the better.

Remember to ensure that your backlinks are more about quality than quantity.  It’s never about the number of backlinks you have, so always aim for getting your backlinks from sites that have high domain authority ratings and respectable links.

Off-site vs On-site SEO

Unlike on-site SEO, off-site SEO can be a little more intricate and certainly needs ongoing thought and planning.  Search engines are designed to seek out top quality links, so in order to have a lot of sites link to your website, then you must have good quality and relevant content.

Off-site SEO can be quite daunting and is undeniably a lengthy process, so it all depends on how hard you will work to get backlinks, but this type of digital marketing more than likely will pay off in the long run.

For off-site SEO there are a number of ways you can get backlinks to your site, which include:

  • Lots of social media activity – Engage in social media. It’s really that straightforward and is an absolute must for any digital marketing strategy.  Social media is also a great way to get your content shared.  Keep in mind that it’s not just about the amount of shares you get on social media platforms, but also about the rate of engagement.
  • Using an influencer to help your online digital marketing – This is a relatively new concept where business and brands work together – digitally. A top quality influencer will have a large audience and will also carry clout.  Brands team up with influencers to digitally market their products and this is helpful for your off-site SEO tactics.
  • Guest blogging or posting– This is one of the first digital marketing strategies used by marketers and has stood the test of time as it is still delivering results many years later. Remember to always blog about something that your target audience can relate to.  Make them keep coming back for more top quality content.
  • Regularly create top quality and relevant content–High quality content is king in growing your website with off-site tactics. For your content to be shared, it has to be relevant, informative and creative.  Content is the foundation of your off-site tactics.

Search Rankings and off-site SEO

We all know that Google is the most popular search engine and holds high authority, but this certainly does not mean you should ignore other search engines.

There are different preferences for search engine use, like with anything else.  Others may refer Yahoo or Bing, and remember different countries have their own search engines too.

Follow the off-site tactics in this article for growing your website and you will, in time, notice your search rankings increase.  Increased rankings equals increased website traffic, which you cannot afford to miss.

These off-site digital marketing tactics work well when continued and executed on a regular basis.  Expect an increase in your website traffic by implementing these tactics into your SEO strategy.

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