5 Exciting Apps Worth Keeping

5 Exciting Apps Worth Keeping
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One of the best ways to make your smartphone better is by downloading the right apps and making the most out of what your phone can do for you.

The right apps can give your phone new features it otherwise wouldn’t have, from video editing to scheduling apps, to organizing your files, and even for entertaining yourself with games. But with the hundreds of thousands of applications available out there, which ones should you actually download?

Whether you got your phone new out of the box or are using an older model, you’d probably want to keep your phone free from clutter, either to save space or just to keep it from slowing down.

Of course, it’s possible to keep a phone without actually putting any apps on it, but you’ll be missing out on many of the best functionalities if you did. To help you choose the right apps to keep in your phone, we’ve compiled a list of 5 exciting apps worth keeping.   

1. Radio Apps

This type of app is perfect for people who love listening to live radio. Radio apps are basically streaming services that will allow you to listen in on thousands of radio stations from all across the globe from the comfort of your own phone or computer.

TuneIn Radio is one such app that can connect you to any station from any genre, whether you’re looking to listen to music, listen to sports, radio talk shows or the local news.

Users also have the option to find similar radio stations that provide the same sort of content from the ones they love listening to. You can also stream live content like podcasts, and most of them is for free.

TuneIn Radio does have a paid version, which basically gives you the option to turn off adverts, as well as allowing you to download content so you can still view them later when you’re offline.  

2. Sleep Assistance App

If you’re into tracking your sleep cycles or are having sleep-related problems, then the sleep assistance apps are a great program to have in your phone.

These types of apps make use of your phone’s sensors to keep track of your sleeping habits and uses the alarm on your phone to wake you at the right moment.

One app, the Sleep As Android app, uses real sleep science techniques to make sure that you’re woken up at the optimal time to ensure that you’re well-rested every time.

Whether you want to sleep overnight or just a quick nap, you can program it just right to take advantage of as much rest as you can.  

3. Entertainment or Game Apps

Let’s face it, you’re going to want to kill time one way or another with your phone, and games are a great way to do so. There are a myriad of games available in the app stores, from relaxing games, two puzzle games, to huge role-playing games.

Since there’s a huge number of them, it’s hard to list them all, but there’s certainly something out there for everyone, depending on their needs.

If you love to gamble, for example, but can’t actually be bothered to go to casinos, or are worried you’d lose too much money, then there’s a gaming app for that too. You can basically play like you’re in a casino, without many of the disadvantages.

The 918kiss download process is relatively easy, and you can start playing as soon as you have it on your phone or on your laptop. It’s a great app to have if you’re looking to entertain yourself or if you want to kill time while earning money.  

4. Password Management Apps

It can be a bit of a hassle to keep up with all your passwords, whether on your phone or computer and using the same password for everything is basically.

One such example is LastPass. LastPass is a password manager that generates random passwords for every website that you have an account for.

It’s a simple way to maintain unique passwords for all your accounts on any website without the need to remember every single one of them.

LastPass itself is a free app, and you can attach all your generated passwords to your fingerprint instead of an actual alphanumeric password if you can’t trust yourself to remember your master password.  

5. Calendar Apps

Calendar App

Calendar apps help you keep your schedules organized without actually hiring an assistant. Users can switch between different calendar views, between daily, weekly and monthly calendars, so you can micromanage everything more easily. You can also mark each day on the calendar to reference each one.

You can then get quick summaries and reminders every time you view your calendar. If you’re a well-organized person, then having this type of app around could save you a lot of headaches. While both these apps are available for free, the pad version adds extra features that allow you to micromanage your calendars better with task management and event templates.

Mobile apps have gone quite a long way since the first smartphones rolled out of the factory all those years ago. Now each person’s phone is as unique and varied as their users, allowing for a greater range of personalization than ever before. From big social apps for music and games, there’s definitely an app out there for everyone.

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