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5 Techniques You Should Try to Triple the Quantity of Your Website Traffic

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Website traffic is a significant indicator of business growth online. Thus, getting thousands of visitors for your website is one of the essential things to achieve to make your online business successful.

However, generating more visitors to your website is not as simple as you think. Fortunately, there are ways to make it happen. If you want to drive more traffic to your website, take your cue from these five techniques on how to triple your website traffic quickly.

1. Create Viral Contents

Creating viral content is not an easy task. If you can create one or two, it will have a significant impact on your website. To create content that can catch the attention of many online visitors, you should keep in mind the following tips and considerations:

Headline Matters

A compelling headline can catch the attention of the readers to click on your content. In fact, eight out of ten individuals tend to read your article if you will get the title right. Therefore, you should choose the most suitable words for your headlines to connect with your audiences.

With that, here are ways on how to write a great article headline that may help increase your blog traffic:

  • Ask a question.
  • Use list types.
  • Create a sense of urgency.
  • Create curiosity.
  • Grab the attention of the readers with a little bit of storytelling.
  • Use alteration occasionally.
  • Make the value as clear as possible.
  • Use power words.

Longer Contents are Usually Better

When it comes to SEO, the longer your content means more opportunities and higher conversion rates. According to Buzzsumo, content with a word count of 3,000 to 10,000 tend to get more shares than shorter articles. Specifically, when your word count exceeds 1,500, your content will be in the golden share zone.

Furthermore, longer posts work better on every level. The higher the word count, the more backlinks you get. If you aim to create viral content, start creating long word count articles that have originality, good substance, and relevant information.

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Content Marketing Strategy is Essential

To create viral content, you need to have a solid content strategy. Your strategy should include the following aspects:

  • The main goal of your content.
  • Your audiences, their most significant pain points, and how can you help them with your content.
  • The frequency of your posts.
  • Content amplification.

2. Make Use of Social Media

Why are Social Media Comments important

Social media can be an excellent way to influence your website traffic. Aside from Facebook and Twitter, you can also check out LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat. You need to make sure that you share your content the right way to get the highest increase in website traffic.

Here are tips on how to share your content to get the most shares, engagements, and traffic:

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  • Optimize your posts for each platform.
  • Do not be spammy.
  • Create a sharing schedule.
  • Post during peak hours.
  • Add sharing buttons to your website.
  • Make it easy to highlight and share parts of your content.
  • Reshare old content on social media.

Additionally, creating excellent content alone is not enough to generate more visitors to your website. You need to be proactive and find the right way to promote your content. That’s why most online businesses like KKC Outsourcing and other companies use social media channels for advertising and promoting their content.

3. Build an Elite Email List

One of the best ways to increase the traffic of your website is to generate email traffic. According to Radicati, there are more than 3.6 billion email accounts around the globe, and there are over 247 million emails sent every day.

However, most of the email list out there is not working and has no search traffic results. As such, you should build an elite or specialized list to make sure that you’re only collecting the targeted audience. You should focus more on the quality than the quantity of your list.

If you want to succeed, you don’t need all the people on your list.  You must remove those who don’t want your offers. Remember, all you need are the right people for your website.

Below are the benefits of building an elite email list:

  • You’re only gathering targeted leads.
  • You’ll receive essential word of mouth referrals.
  • Open rates will be high when sending newsletters.
  • The subscribers of your email are the primary source of qualified traffic.
  • You can build a successful business with elite subscribers.

Follow these steps if you want to build an email elite list through your blog article:

  • Determine your main goal.
  • Create a unique landing page.
  • Guest blog on A-list blogs only.
  • Use Facebook precise targeting.

4. Start Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the most effective ways to generate more traffic to your landing page and improve your list. Securing a guest post on A-list blogs, for instance, can dramatically increase your website traffic. These blogs tend to have a lot of followers and the more followers they have, the same amount of traffic you will get.

5. Invite Others to Guest Posts on Your Site

When you start guest posting on other sites, you should also invite other people to put their blog on your website. They’re likely to link and share their guest articles, which can bring new visitors to your site.

However, you need to make sure to publish only valuable and original contents that don’t have spam links on your site. Posts with a minimum quality standard can drag your website down so be vigilant.


Gathering more visitors to your website is one of the great ways to make your online business successful. The techniques listed above are just some of the ways you can use to drive more traffic to your website.

Therefore, following them will help you get new visitors, increase your conversion rate, boost your email subscribers, and build a sustainable business.

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