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5 Creative Ways to Use a Projector at Events

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A projector is one of the most versatile and flexible devices out there. For years, the device has only been used to project movies and presentations.

However, due to the introduction of various projectors that vary in shapes and sizes, people have found more use for them. Nowadays, you will find video projectors making interactive whiteboards, something that no one ever thought they could do.

On the other hand, a projector for business is being used for more than just presentations. This shows how flexible the projector has become. Some other creative ways to use a projector at events include:

5 Creative Ways to use a Projector at Events

1. Creating Elevator Door Advertising

Projector Elevator Advertising

Elevator door advertisement is the latest technology on the planet. Advertisement companies have found out that so many people are always idle when waiting for an elevator.

With that in mind, they have come up with a creative way to keep them briefly  – preoccupied in the process. This is simply by projecting advertising images on the elevator doors by the use of a mini projector.

This method not only makes elevator doors look appealing but also ensures quite a number of people get to see the advertisements.

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The projector is set to display certain contents to the people. It is usually clear enough, thus making the picture visible even during the day. These images are well designed in such a way that they are both alluring and interactive.

The projection pitch often depends on the target group and the advertisement company being used. This is by far, one of the most creative ways projectors are being used.

2. Creating Stealth illusion with Optical Camouflage

Projector for Stealth

Stealth illusion with optical camouflage is a way of creating an illusion of invisibility by simply projecting an image on a highly reflective material. This makes the material to appear as part of the surrounding, making the resultant image illusively remarkable.

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This type of creativity requires superior projectors that can produce 3D images. That is why most people prefer using Elephas 3D projector since it has the ability to come up with high quality projections.

This form of projector creativity is often used by auto and aviation companies. This is because stealth illusion with optical camouflage is often used to uncover what’s behind a blind spot.

In entertainment capacity, it is usually used by entertainers to make the audience ‘disappear’. With a great optical illusion, no one can tell that the object exists in the surrounding. This is because every single detail blends seamlessly creating a perfect invisibility effect.

3. Setting up your Outdoor Theater

Using Projector Outdoor

The days when you could only use a video projector to watch movies indoors are long gone and forgotten. Nowadays projectors can be used to set up your very own outdoor theater during the summer and enjoy great movies with families and friends.

All you have to do use an LED projector on a wide projector screen and you will be amazed by how fascinating the experience becomes. With a great projector and a wide screen, all you will need is a fantastic movie to make your outdoor theatre entertaining.

You can also use Elephas portable projector to display the video on a hiking expedition. This will make your hike memorable, and you will not have even a single boring night when hiking.

The best thing about this creative use of a projector is that you are in control of the whole process. You get to choose the kind of videos to display and how large you want the image to be.

But it needs to consider the necessaries when you are hiking, such as the cable you will use.  Don’t know what cable should be taken and how to connect your projector to your device?  All you have to do is follow the instruction step by step and you will find the task to be completely manageable.

4. Gaming Spot

Gaming Spot with Projector

There is no better way to enjoy gaming than using a projector to display it. This way, you get to have a clear view of the game you are playing at any angle.

You can even share a brilliant gaming event through a big screen to your audience, thus making the experience even more spectacular. All you need is a game projector and two competitors who have amazing skills to make the whole event amazing.

This creative idea can be used in a game store or even when conducting a gaming competition. You can also use it to make your journey interesting by bringing with you a mini phone projector so that you can play games whenever you get bored.

5. Share Social Media

Share Social Media with Projector

Sometimes the best way to keep a conference active is by using social media during your speech. This will create an interactive atmosphere where people will be more than glad to participate.

It will also enhance the concentration of your audience and make your event live. The best way you can do this is by displaying real-time twitter feeds as well as relevant Facebook notifications during your speech.

You can also go ahead and let your audience post questions on your twitter account using a specific hashtag. You will then go ahead and answer as many questions as possible.

This can also include live photo streams and short video clips. At the end of the day, all you will have is a great and active conference.

The above are only but a few creative ways that you can use a projector among many other ways. Their ability for projectors to display high quality images that are huge enough makes them perfect for the above functions.

You only need the right projector for the event. These creative ideas are meant to make the interaction more active by simply enhancing the environment further.

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