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What is Shadow Banning on Instagram

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While trying to grow a following on Instagram, hashtags and engagement play an important role in expanding your audience and reach. When you feel like your content is not visible anywhere, it definitely makes you disappointing all of a sudden.

On the other hand, if you think that your posts are getting fewer likes and comments, or your post is not appearing for particular hashtags, you might be shadow banned.

Every social media publisher has its own description of this cyber malady, which also goes by “demoting,” “ghost banning,” and “de-ranking,” so here you can decide on your own whether it is truly shadow banning or something else.

If it seems like you are shadow banned, the chances may be that you have breached some rules and terms of service.

Shadow ban on Instagram:

An act of blocking the content of a user on social media sites is called shadow banning. It happens in such a way that the user even does not get to know about it is happening.

Your content will not be visible to anyone if you are shadow banned on Instagram. Unless someone is already following you, your content will not appear in his/her feed.

From the perspective of Instagram, shadow banning is sensible. With shadow banning, Instagram has an option to filter out accounts that don’t comply with their rules.

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Some users tend to practice measures for increasing their following on Instagram, just like automated bots or hundreds of unrelated hashtags to their content.

In that case, it seems reasonable for Instagram to block all those accounts, so that users may continue experiencing helpful and genuine content.

Indirect Admittance of Instagram:

Though Instagram openly does not agree with shadowbanning, they claimed that the users were having an issue regarding content for particular hashtags.

At least it is clear now that the hashtags dilemma is a real one. However, lots of users think that this statement is a way of Instagram to agree with shadowbanning without directly admitting it.

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You must note that Instagram often changes its algorithm, so it might be possible that all those changes could be the reason you have observed a fall in your engagement level.

Most probably, shadow banning could be a real tactic, which means to hide the content of users from the Instagram audience at a wide-angle. If you are being shadow banned, you need to take steps in order to get back your content appear on the feeds.

Let’s have a look at how would you know if you are shadowbanned or not. Fortunately, there is an easy way to figure out whether your account is shadow banned.

Am I Shadow banned on Instagram?

The most important question in all the discussion is how would I know if my account is shadowbanned or not.

At first, make sure to use a hashtag that is not so common because if you use a hashtag that has already been used by millions of users, it will be challenging to know if the content is banned or something else.

After posting, ask at least five people that are not following you to search that hashtag. If none of them see your post, then most likely you have been shadow banned.

On the other hand, if one or two employees see your post, it might be possible that your engagement level is dropping.

Why Shadow banning Happens and How to Fix It:

A number of possible reasons for shadow banning are there. To secure your account, you need to answer the questions given below.

Do you use bots or any other automated tool for Instagram growth?

If you are not putting effort, then you are not going to get results you want. Using bots could be a spammy trick, and one must stay away from it. Make sure to stop using a bot or any other automated service immediately.

Do you use broken hashtags?

It does not happen more frequently that a popular hashtag becomes flooded with irrelevant content. When it happens, Instagram removes the hashtag, or it may limit its use.

Using a broken hashtag may stop you from ranking for other hashtags, and it could even result in blocking your account as well. Try not to use hashtags that have already been banned.

Does your account report often?

When a user is repeatedly reporting an account, it shows that the user is posting some unsuitable content or breaching the rules and regulations of Instagram.

Your account may get disabled, or you get shadow banned. Try to follow all the rules and terms of service. Before signing up for an app, make sure to read the Terms of Use and guidelines.

Final Words:

Most of the time, users post some content unintentionally, which is not according to the rules. So always try to avoid things that can put you in danger.

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