How to Get Bitcoin Loan without Collateral?

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There is a possibility that you can get Bitcoin loan without collateral and no verification. Ideally, there can be no such things as a crypto loan without collateral or verification, because if this were true, then it is an unbelievable deal that one should be wary of.

You can be sure you are getting scammed if you find a deal like this. But, at the same time, there are Bitcoin loan companies that can keep your crypto coins as collateral in order to offer you loans.

This way you do not have to give up your crypto coins that can rise in value at a later time, and you can also get the loan amounts you need.

Whenever you have enough money at hand, you can return the loan and retrieve your cryptocurrencies / Bitcoin that had been provided as collateral.

How to get Bitcoin loans without Collateral:


YouHodler is one of the best platforms where you can get crypto loans without collateral. It is registered as a Fintech company in Cyprus and enjoys support from crypto loan seekers worldwide.

This company offers crypto loans in USD, EUR, and stable coins. You can keep your BTC, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, DASH and other leading cryptocurrencies as the collateral in order to get fiat currencies.

To get loans, you must create an account here using an email ID for registration. You can then complete the KYC and submit valid ID proofs.

Then, you go to their “wallet” section to deposit the crypto coins you want to keep as collateral. When you visit the “Get Loan” part, you have to specify the crypto amount you have kept as collateral.


Another lending platform BlockFi also offers crypto loans using crypto coins as collateral. So, you can take out loans and get USD after you give them your Bitcoins or Ethereum as collateral or security holding.

In case you are in a situation when you need liquidity, and you do not intend to give up your assets, you can use your cryptocurrency as the collateral for getting a loan. You can go through this Bitcoin Trader review if you want to trade bitcoins quickly and efficiently and increase your credit score to avail a loan.


Nexo is a platform resting on the blockchain technology that also provides crypto loans globally and users can receive loans in fiat currencies without having to sacrifice their crypto ownership.

Celsius Network

Celsius Network is another P2P lending platform offering fiat currency as crypto loans using crypto coins as collateral. So, investors are able to earn interest on Bitcoins they own. This platform does not charge early termination fees, withdrawal fees, or default fees.


SALT lending founded in 2016 also offers crypto loans without collateral. It offers blockchain loans and believes in “hold your assets, spend your cash”.

Although it has been caught in controversies, it still remains as one of the best platforms for borrowers looking for Bitcoin loans without any collateral.


Finally, Bitbond is a popular global lending platform meant for small businesses and it allows them to borrow to the tune of $25,000. This was founded in Germany and uses the blockchain technology to make payments. It is perfect for users not having bank accounts.

That’s our list. Hope you find it useful. These services will help you get Bitcoin loan without Collateral.

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