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Daewoo F9 Bladeless Fan from Xiaomi

Xiaomi Daewoo F9
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Daewoo F9 is a gorgeous looking bladeless tower fan from Xiaomi Youpin. The fan offers smooth, quiet airflow without any blades visible. The Daewoo F9 bladeless fan also sports two HEPA filters that supports air purification.

The device shares a somewhat similar technology as this Nulec Bladeless Fan. Bladeless fans (also called air multipliers) use innovative airflow technology (like Coanda core turbine air duct) borrowed from jet engines to create smooth airflow with no visible blades.

In the case of the Daewoo F9, the air duct has been optimized for better performance. This is why the fan boasts an unprecedented 9 speed levels from soft breeze to more forceful airflow.

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Daewoo F9 Key Specs & Features

  • Bladeless Fan (a.k.a. Air Multiplier Fan or Leafless Fan)
  • 9 Speed Levels
  • Up to 6 Meters Airflow Range
  • Air Purification Feature
  • up to 95.5% Formaldehyde Removal Rate
  • up to 86.7% TVOC Volatile Organic Compounds Removal
  • 100V-240V Power Supply
  • 30W Power Consumption

The Design

Daewoo F9 Bladeless Fan

Daewoo F9 is very stylish. The ring is more or less like a rectangle with rounded corners. The ring can also tilt 20 ° up and down and 60 ° left and right enabling for a larger area to be served with fresh breeze.

There are no visible blades, the ring is bladeless. This makes it more tidy and probably easier to clean and safer for kids too.

With no visible blades, how does the Daewoo F9 generate airflow. The magic begins in the base.

A motor sucks in air and pushes it to the ring in such a manner as to create a negative pressure that sucks more air from the surrounding of the fan through the ring, creating a smooth breeze.

The Bladeless fan can push air up to 6 meters. So, the device can cover a reasonable range.

Intelligent Retargeting Engine

The Feature

Daewoo F9 offers 9 speeds (seems to be where it got its name). Speeds 1 to 3 is described as grassland wind, soft and quiet. Speeds 4 to 6 is described as mountain forest wind, cool and comfortable. Finally, speeds 7 to 9 is referred to as ocean wind, refreshing and dry.

Aside its main function of keeping you cool and refreshed, the Daewoo F9 also boasts of air purification capability.

The bladeless fan sports two HEPA air filters with 30 air changes per hour. It also boasts of up to 95.5% formaldehyde removal rates and up to 86.7% removal rate for TVOC volatile organic compounds.

Daewoo F9 Price and Availability

The Xiaomi Daewoo F9 price starts at around 969 yuan ($140 or 50,500 Naira).

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