Top Advantages of Learning Python Language

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Today in this fast-changing pace, technology has also seen a lot of changes. Now people have started using a machine to solve complex numerical problems. With the evolution of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we now have systems that can work on simple voice commands.

Take, for example, our Google search engine responds to inquiries made verbally.  We now have research on self-driven cars, which can take input from their sensor and voice commands and drive you to desired destinations.

With these large developments seen every day in technology, the use of Python language has also been on the rise. As Python is a language supported for many applications, its popularity has also increased.

Python is ranked as the topmost programming language after C programming, as per recent surveys by TIBOE conducted in November 2020.  This index is calculated once every month. For a long time, Python has been able to retain its topmost popular programming language position.

Python Ranking 2020 vs 2019

Programming is the most fun-loving field that needs an individual to be logically correct with a complex problem. Also, they need to know ways how to harness the given resources efficiently.

The top reason for the popularity of Python among developers is its simple and readable syntax. Also, it supports object-oriented features like inheritance, class object relationship, encapsulation, and so on.

The not so techy people who are reading this blog to understand the advantages of Python. I am first explaining to you a few terms that will help you in understanding this blog.

Machine Learning is a small piece of Artificial Intelligence where the machines or system learns from their experience and the data that is stored in their approach.

prototype is a sample created for any web or software-based application to verify the system’s design and functionality rather than the theoretical definition.

Data Mining is a science field that is beneficial in extracting useful information obtained from the various sources of data like Survey, Social Media, Subscription services, and so on. This data is used to study user information and build business proposals accordingly.

Also, Data Visualization is generating reports based on the gathered information in a visual format that can be easily understood by the non-technical person like persons from the sales, or customer care, and so on.

Top Advantages of Learning Python

1) It is the best programming language that can be learned when starting fresh in the field of computers. It has a simpler syntax than the other popular programming languages like Java, Perl, C, C++, etc. Learning Python opens the door to several opportunities in the field of IT.

2) There is no need for compilation after writing the code. The Python code can be executed on any platform, as the interpreter generates the assembly language depending on the operating system. This, in turn, speeds up the process and makes prototype creation easier for programmers. Thus, it is simple to built prototypes in Python for any software or web-based applications.

3) Python is an open-source language that is available for free to use. However, it has many people always working on updating new releases or fixing any fixes for better use. This is one of the primary reasons it is adopted by many well-known companies like Google Search engine, NetFlix, and many others. Python is mostly use in the field of Data Mining and Big Data Analysis. It finds its usage in the field of  Data Visualization.

4) Python has vast supportive library functions and frameworks. This simplifies a lot of development process that happens with Python. Say, for example, Django and Flask framework is used to develop any web-based applications. You may also be using NumPy, Pandas, and many other frameworks to develop an application in Machine Learning using Python.

5) With the use of PyTest, PyUnit frameworks in Selenium, Python is mostly used for automated testing.

6) Owing to the simple syntax, this language can be easily grasped by non- programming professionals who need to follow up on the massive development groups implementing Python’s application.

7) Python is also used to implement scientific and numerical applications. These applications can use several available library functions to implement complex functions.

8) Python is also used in several banking companies for analyzing their customer data to study their buying patterns. So these companies are mainly employing Python developers to serve the purpose.

9) Python also finds its use in web scrapping applications. Web scraping is an automated task of extracting the data from websites without actually visiting those websites. This can be achieved by using Python libraries like Matlplotlib, NumPy, and many more.


There are several advantages to learning Python. But to top, the list is the several job opportunities that are waiting for an expert in Python. Also, a Python expert’s salary range varies from 4 lakhs per year to 20 lakhs per depending on the expertise, experience, and location. Nearly 100 thousand jobs are waiting for you.

So get ready and join the Python Online Training from 3RI Technologies, the best training institute that offers hands-on training along with 100% placement assistance. Also, you get the advantage of getting trained by certified Python experts with professional experience of 5-10 years.

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