Dog Training Gadgets and Tools You Must Have

Dog Training Gadgets and Tools
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If you have a new dog in your home, you will want to train him or her. While you should use treats and similar incentives to train your dog, you may want to look into different gadgets that can help you. Let’s look at six different gadgets you should have in your home if you want to train your dog.

Dog Training Collars:

You should look into dog training collars to make the process easier for you. Depending on the version you buy, you can either vibrate the collar, create a shock or play a noise to stop your dog from misbehaving. You should check these collars beforehand at The Pampered Pup to find the features you want while looking into options that won’t hurt your dog.

These training collars come with remotes, so you can easily press a button whenever you want to correct your dog. As you continue to use it, your dog will learn what he or she needs to avoid. You can use it for any negative behavior you don’t like, such as chewing furniture, destroying pillows or anything else you don’t want to happen.

Retractable Dog Leash:

When you plan to train your dog to behave while outside, you will need to use a retractable dog leash. These are one of the most common devices people use during the training process since it works. Not only can you prevent your dog from running off, but you can also pull him or her back if something dangerous shows up.

As you use a retractable leash, you can continue to train your dog, such as calling him or her back to your side. You should bring some treats with you to get your dog to listen to you. While a retractable dog leash won’t train your dog, it stands out as a useful gadget to keep your furry friend safe when you go outside with him or her.

Dog Harness:

As you train your dog outside, you need to buy him or her a dog harness. Dog harnesses allow you to hook your leash to the harness instead of your dog’s collar. This may seem unnecessary, but you need to consider the situation from your furry friend’s perspective.

When you train your dog, he or she will want to run off at times, so you will need to stop your furry friend with the leash. However, if you attach the leash to his or her collar, then your dog could choke or face neck injuries. Instead, you should get a harness, so you don’t have to worry about hurting your dog when you need to get him or her away from dangerous situations.

Treat Dispensing Lick Mats:

Many dogs struggle with bath time since they don’t want to stay in the tub. If your dog tries to jump out, or causes you problems in the bathtub, then you should buy a treat-dispensing lick mat. This gadget allows you to put treats inside of it that your dog can easily enjoy whenever you need to give him or her a bath.

This device sticks to the bathroom wall, so your dog can lick the treats while you give him or her a bath. You will need to put the snacks on it ahead of time, and find something that will stay inside of it, but it will work as the perfect distraction for your dog. This way, you can use it to help your dog behave during bath time.

Communication Buttons:

As you train your dog, you should look into various ways you can communicate with each other. For example, some dogs will run to the door and look at you if they want to go outside. If you work with your dog, you can train him or her to press communication buttons to help you understand what your furry friend wants.

You can find two types of communication buttons: regular bells and voice-recorded ones. The regular bells will have limited use, but they will be easier for your dog. Voice-recorded ones will give you more versatility in communication, but your dog may struggle with them. Look into both options and choose the one that will benefit your dog.

Dog Treat Pouch:

When you go outside or to other places to train your dog, you will need an easy way to carry your dog treats. If you purchase a dog treat pouch, you will have a convenient way to reward your dog at different locations. Just put some treats in the pouch and take it with you.

These pouches work well since you can easily carry them around and pull out dog treats whenever you want to award your dog. Depending on the version you buy, it can have other conveniences, such as extra space for other items and even a dog bag dispenser. In short, it’s a simple gadget that makes it easier to carry your dog supplies.

These gadgets will help you with your dog, so you can properly train him or her. As you train your dog, you should see how these gadgets will help your furry friend remain calm and listen to you. Since training your dog will pose some difficulties, you should make the process as easy as possible to keep you and your furry friend happy.

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