Why You Should Perform an Address Lookup Before Buying a Property?

Perform an Address Lookup Before Buying a Property
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Buying a new property is an exciting experience, and everyone wants to through this time as soon as they can. However, there are several risks associated with the purchase of a new property. That is why it is important to perform an address lookup before you sign the lease of a new property.

In this article, we will cover the reasons behind performing an address lookup and the method to it. Also, we will share some quick tips that will help you ensure that you do not end up facing any problem in the process.

Before we go ahead, let’s learn more about an address lookup and how you can do it.

What is an Address Lookup? How to Perform One?

Address Lookup with Cocofinder

Address lookup is a simple process that includes performing a check on the property to know more about it. Generally, an address lookup is performed by going to a public information center and requesting the information. However, many advanced ways help you do it online.

Most lookup reports contain three main parts- Property details, Previous owner’s details, and Neighborhood details. After going through all these parts, a buyer can know everything about a property.

The trend of performing address lookups started when people started questioning realtors about the hidden information of a property. Sometimes, property agents or realtors hide some information that may impact the decision of the buyer.

Thus, you can perform an address lookup using an online service. Here’s the one we suggest.



CocoFinder is an online tool designed to find public information online. It eliminates all your needs to visit an information center physically. Instead, you can visit CocoFinder’s website and perform an address lookup, phone number lookup, email look, or people search online.

We recommend it to perform address lookup as the website does not require any registration to work. You can just search for the information and leave the website without leaving any trace behind. 

Using this website is pretty easy as you just need to click on address lookup and enter the address that you want. After that, it will create a report where you find information in all three parts that we discussed earlier.

However, if you face any problem in finding the information, you can read the instructions by scrolling down the address lookup service page.

Tip: Read the privacy policy of the website to ensure you do not misuse the information.

Reasons To Perform An Address Lookup Before Buying a Property

Here are the main reasons that make it important to perform this check:

Reason 1: It Helps You Find Accurate Details of That Property

The first and the most important reason behind performing an address lookup is that you can get the accurate details of a property. You won’t need to depend on the information provided by your property dealer. In the report, you will find the number of rooms, kitchens, and the layout of the property.

Thus, you won’t even need to visit the property physically before you consider buying it.

Reason 2: It Provides Owner’s Details

Another reason behind performing this check is because it can help you find out who owns the property. There is a proper section that covers all the previous tenants of that house. Additionally, you can find almost every piece of information about them.

It includes the name, social media profiles, age, contact details, and criminal records of the person. Thus, you won’t need to guess whether the previous owner has any criminal history or not. 

Reason 3: It Provides Tax and Mortgage Details

No one wants to buy a property that has not disclosed the tax and mortgage details. If you think that the seller or the realtor is not sharing the accurate details, you can look it up with an address lookup report. All it takes is the address and the area of that property.

After that, you can refer to the report to find all the mortgage information of that property. 

Reason 4: It Shows Average Property Value In that Neighborhood

The next reason is also financial as it covers the average value in that neighborhood. We understand that every property has a unique value and pricing is based on external factors that may not be the right thing. However, there can be some other factors that can impact the price of that property after you purchase it.

Thus, it is important to know the average property value of that neighborhood. Getting this information from information centers is challenging. However, an online address lookup report can find this data within a few seconds. 

Reason 5 It Lets You Know About The Sex Offenders in That Area

The biggest fear of moving to a new area is that there can be people with criminal records. The more scary thing is that it is too challenging to find it out. However, you do not need to worry as an address lookup will help you with this information as well.

It analysis the registered tenants of that area and provides an easy way to find them out. That way, you can avoid meeting them or keeping a safe distance for your safety. The search can be extended so that people can easily identify the criminals without having to visit any criminal agency.

Is It Legal To Run These Checks On Property?

When you run an address lookup, you agree to the terms and conditions of the website. However, the information comes from the public domain that is available for everyone. Thus, you won’t face any issues as long as you do not misuse that information. 

Also, the website is completely secured and there is no registration required. Thus, you won’t leave any trace of your search queries on the website.

Final Words

You must have realized how important it is to run an address check on a property. The above reasons help you understand its importance as well. Tools like CocoFinder does an excellent job in providing technology to find this information online.

Hence, you can trust the solution and start searching for the reports of each property you are interested in buying.

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