Top 40 Original Marketing Essay Topics for Easy Writing

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No wonder, marketing is a broad field and it even encompasses the area of digital marketing along with other sub-branches such as social media and content. Therefore, you can easily find yourself in a tough situation when you are looking for marketing essay topics for your research papers.

These papers include specific areas of marketing alongside case studies, strategies, and situations. Being a student, you can showcase your ability to think differently while finding relevant sources of information and analyzing unique data. Listed below are the top 40 marketing essay topics for your assignment. To check the uniqueness of your work, we recommend using the best plagiarism checker for research papers.

Choosing a relevant topic for your assignment

Before going through the list, you have to know how to choose the right topic for marketing. Below are some useful tips that you can consider.

1. Prioritize your passions and interests

If you are interested in a specific marketing field, you can choose a topic from there. Being passionate about research can help you dig deeper to find relevant studies.

2. Complete what you started

While students start the writing process with much interest, most of them tend to leave it in the middle. Keep in mind that it is not possible to complete an entire research paper in a couple of days. You have to give adequate time to complete the project.

3. Try to be real

Dragging yourself aimlessly into the assignment isn’t what you should do. Moreover, the research paper should include actual data, which is possible through expansive research. So, support your statements through examples and references.

List of interesting marketing essay topics for your research papers

  1. Importance of email marketing in businesses
  2. Advantages of following the footsteps of your competitors, especially on social media platforms
  3. The impact and relationship on each other: Consumer behavior and social media
  4. Creating an intuitive and captivating newsletter to gather attention from the public
  5. Possibilities of running a business without taking the help of marketing: overall concept along with pros and cons
  6. Significance of creating a brand name and brand image for credibility
  7. The extent of a giveaway or how big it should be according to the size of a business with the primary aim to improve the business
  8. Understanding the differences between the quality of reputed business products and small business products
  9. Knowing the differences between generating and analyzing leads from Instagram and Facebook
  10. How effective will be radio in terms of modern-day advertising option
  11. Instagram versus Facebook: Which one is best for marketing with an explanation
  12. Campaign ideas that are both unique and effective
  13. Learning the strategies that help content go viral
  14. How frequently should businesses launch new and innovative campaigns
  15. Top social media marketing strategies that help improve customer engagement
  16. Understanding the relationship between lifestyle branding and influencer marketing
  17. The major components that you find in a well-established and satisfying customer relationship
  18. Consumer behavior: Important factors that drive divergence and convergence
  19. Learning the most effective marketing techniques to repair a bad reputation
  20. Leverage marketing strategies to drive innovation
  21. What works best for businesses: Discrete marketing or aggressive marketing?
  22. Comparative analysis of purchase decisions of Generation Y and Generation Z
  23. How effective is social media marketing when it is about targeting women or men
  24. Identifying the elements of brand credibility that help drive customer loyalty
  25. The language might be a barrier when it comes to effective marketing campaigns online for big brands
  26. Importance of email marketing in improving retention rates of customers
  27. Analyzing the possibilities of creating a company brand image with the help of guest bogging
  28. Dependence of the marketing department on legacy marketing techniques
  29. Analyzing the rational or irrational behavior of modern-day consumers
  30. Understanding future trends for marketing
  31. Examining the difference between creating brand equity and advertising
  32. Analyzing the impact of emotional targeting of brands on consumers
  33. Identifying the social media platforms widely used by most brands to create awareness and reach their customers
  34. Knowing the difference between repeat purchases and brand awareness
  35. How customers see online shopping
  36. Artificial Intelligence and its impact on marketing
  37. Product design and target marketing
  38. Pros and cons of targeted marketing
  39. The impact of organic over inorganic reach on social media platforms
  40. How to promote on Pinterest and increase followers on Instagram

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