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How to Buy a Sandwich Maker

A Sandwich Maker is a simple electrical device for making bread toasts. It comes with internal hotplates that generate the heat for toasting the bread. A sandwich maker or sandwich toaster is an essential appliance for a modern kitchen and can considerably reduce the time and effort required to prepare breakfast. This article will guide you on how to buy a sandwich maker. Where to Buy Sandwich Makers Jumia Nigeria – Buy Here | Jumia Kenya - Buy Here | Jumia Ghana – Buy Here Buying a sandwich maker is very easy, because there are very few decisions to be made. This...
Best DVD Player to Buy: 7 Top Picks on the Market

LG Portable DVD Players with Swivel Display TV Tuner

With LG range of portable DVD players, you can take your entertainment anywhere. LG portable DVD players offer great picture quality, compact design, TV tuner, and many other interesting features. Where to Buy LG DVD Players from ₦4,995.00 Buy Now LG portable DVD players are available with LCD swivel and flip widescreen. This allows you to easily adjust your LG DVD display by up to 180 degrees for a perfect view. LG portable DVD players with 7-inch display offer great picture quality and clarity. LG portable DVD players are available with TV tuners, making it a mobile TV as well. The mobile...
6 Great 2-Burner Tabletop Gas Cookers for Better Cooking

6 Best 2-Burner Tabletop Gas Cookers for Cooking

Cooking your next meal does not have to be an elaborate affair. You could keep things simple yet efficient by opting for 2-burner tabletop gas cookers. They are compact, fit on your traditional kitchen cabinet and overall, are very reliable when it comes to gas consumption. Those and much more make these options some of the hottest selling home appliances on the market. Should you be in the market for a unit to call your own too, we have come up with some of the best 2-burner tabletop gas cookers that will make your kitchen experience a delight. 1. Universal Tabletop Two...
Best Robot Vacuum cleaners

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners to Buy in 2022

In our review and vacuum cleaner buying guide, we highlighted the many types of vacuum cleaners to buy for your home or office. We also -- albeit slightly -- stressed the importance and technology behind Robot vacuum cleaners and the advantages they hold over known types of vacuum cleaners. Where to Buy Robot Vacuum Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Amazon – See Offers Now, we bring you some of the best robot vacuum cleaners to buy if you prefer to ply down the easy and automated route of cleaning your home, workplace, or wherever thoroughly — they'll navigate under tables, couches, around...
Refrigerator Prices

Refrigerator Prices in Nigeria (Freezer Prices too)

Refrigerators and Freezers are essential home appliances. Most people have at one time in their lives bought or considered buying a refrigerator or a freezer. Below are prices of some refrigerator and freezer models in Nigeria. These prices are provided only to give you an idea of prices for your budgeting convenient. For current prices of refrigerators and freezers, visit the links to the online stores we provided.. Where to Buy Refrigerators Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Jumia Kenya – See Offers Where to Buy Freezers Jumia Nigeria – See Offers First, let us look at refrigerator prices. Prices listed below are aggregate prices....
Buying a Freezer

Buying a Freezer (A Step by Step Guide)

For the vital role it plays in storing food, keeping certain food fresh, maintaining food quality, making ice and a couple of other uses, a freezer remains an important appliance needed in the home. And because appliances are quite pricey, and are long-term investments, you want to make sure you're buying the right one that perfectly aligns with your need and lifestyle. Here, we share some of the key consideration when buying a freezer. Where to Buy a Freezer Jumia Nigeria – See Offers The following details below are some important factors to consider before buying a freezer: 1. Decide the type of...
Oximeter - Medical Sensor Equipment

Medical Sensor Equipment: What Should I Check Before making a Pandemic...

With the recent risks around Covid 19, individuals are finding themselves picking up personal testing devices with greater frequency. While these can potentially help with tracking personal health, it is important to make sure that you choose a device that is right for you and properly validated. So, why exactly are people taking the time to pick them up and what should you check before making a purchase? What are the most Popular Devices When it comes to monitoring personal health, two devices lead the charge – blood pulse oximeters and pressure cuffs. These allow you to check the level of blood...
Havells Steam Iron

Steam Iron Prices in Nigeria

Steam irons remove wrinkles from your clothe faster and easier. Overall, they perform better than dry irons. The secret to their performance is Steam, which moistens the clothe making it easy to iron. Steam iron prices in Nigeria ranges from 4,400 Naira to 85,000 Naira depending on your location and the level of sophistication of the iron. Where to Buy Steam Irons from ₦4,495.00 Buy Now The cheaper steam irons are basic in nature with very few options while the more expensive models come with more features for ease of use and better ironing quality. The ultimate steam irons are the...
Air Conditioner Prices: ₦86,000 to ₦2,950,000

Air Conditioner Prices in Nigeria – AC Prices

If you are planning to buy an Air Conditioner, one information you would love to have is air conditioner prices. This would give you an idea of how much to budget for the purchase. Our research shows that prices of air conditioners in Nigeria ranges from ₦115,000 to ₦2,950,000, though you can get Air Coolers for as little as 60,000 Naira. Keep reading for prices of air conditioners in Nigeria. Where to Buy Air Conditioners Jumia Nigeria – See Offers | Amazon – See Offers Note that prices of air conditioners vary with the number of features and across brand. Air conditioners...
Coolworld Unveils the New Haier Thermocool Energy Saving Electrical Appliances into the Nigerian Market

Coolworld Unveils the New Haier Thermocool Energy Saving Electrical Appliances into...

As part of its efforts to protect the environment, help in cutting down on power consumption and saving teeming Nigerian consumers some money on electricity bills, the leading electrical appliances retailer, Coolworld Retail Store has introduced a new range of Haier Thermocool refrigerators, Freezers and Air conditioners into the Nigeria market. The company states that their new Haier Thermocool ranges of Energy Saving refrigerators and freezers have the ability to save up to forty percent on energy consumption while the Energy Saving Inverter DC technology Air Conditioner, aptly named GENPAL, can save up to sixty percent on energy consumption. According to...