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Full Gaming Console and PC Gaming Specifications, Prices, and Reviews. In this section you will find online stores where you can buy Game Consoles like the Sony PS4 and the XBox One. As consoles are nothing without the Games, you will also find information about Game Titles. We will not only cover Gaming Consoles like the XBox One and PlayStation 4 in this section, PC Gaming will also be covered as well as portable gaming machines like the PlayStation Vita. Popular Sections: PlayStation | XBox | Video Games | Game Consoles Nintendo | Gaming PC | Online Gaming | VR & AR Top Consoles: Sony PS4 Pro | XBox One X | XBox One S | Nintendo Switch Gaming Consoles Price in Nigeria You can also follow News on Gaming on NaijaTechGuide
What is HDR (High Dynamic Range) for Gaming Monitors

What is HDR (High Dynamic Range) for Gaming Monitors

What is an HDR monitor? How is it different from any other monitor on the market? Will the benefits you get from buying an HDR monitor exceed the cost you’d have to pay? In this article, we’ll answer all the questions you need to know and help you reach a...
How do I access my Xfinity Router

How to set up Router for Gaming

Setting up a router is not as easy as some may think, especially when it comes to intensive uses such as gaming where there’s no room for lag. In today’s day and age, many multi-player games require a good internet connection to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted gameplay. But there’s...
What To Look For In A Gaming Chair

What To Look For In A Gaming Chair

If you’re considering buying a gaming chair, it isn’t just as easy as popping into your nearest store and picking the first one you see. There are so many different types of gaming chair on the market that it can be all too easy to make an expensive mistake. That’s...
Assassin's Creed Odyssey - PS4 Pro Titles

Top 6 PS4 Titles you can Enjoy in 4K Resolution

With the technology waves surging rapidly through our generation, the inclination towards high-resolution media has dramatically increased. The gaming industry has evolved a great deal during the past few decades. Full HD graphics used to be the best resolution games could offer, but these days, the talk has progressed to...
to play Gameboy color game on pc

Best Emulator to Play Gameboy Color Games on PC

Do you love the Gameboy color games and wondering about the exclusive platform where you can enjoy it more? This article gives you the best emulator which you can use to play the game on your PC especially if you use Windows 7, 8.1 or 10. No more struggles....
Jigsaw Puzzle

Best Crossword Games – Takes Word Puzzles to Your Phone

It’s fascinating how for almost everything today there’s an app and crosswords are no different. It’s not really a surprise but I still remember how I used to spend hours solving crosswords I’d find in my local newspapers. Now, I can’t remember when was the last time I bought a...
Game Localisation

Localisation is Key to Success in the Online Gaming Field

Localisation evolved in response to the Online gaming industry’s need to spread its wings in territories other than the country of origin thereby adjusting games technically, linguistically and culturally to suit the requirement of the target market. When a product is localized, it gets approval and nod from everyone at...
Gaming Monitor

How Does a Gaming Monitor Differ from Normal Monitor?

Computers are everywhere these days, you are probably very familiar with a normal computer monitor. This may make you wonder if there is anything like a Gaming Monitor and how they differ from the traditional computer monitor you know. Gaming Monitor – Overview A gaming monitor is a phrase used...
Herman Miller Setu Gaming Chair

Top Reasons Why You Should Buy Herman Miller Setu Gaming Chair

Gaming for hours makes sense for many gamers. The competition with online friends and the rush that comes with getting a new score is enough to stay sited for hours. This may go on until you realize that your back and neck is hurting without ceasing. Fatigue and eye strain...

What to add to your Games Room to improve it

You might be the proud owner of a games room, which is definitely awesome, but if you’ve had it for a few years, you might be wondering how to improve it. This can often be by upgrading what’s inside it, such as getting a jukebox or something else to play...

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