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How Can Wearable Technology Improve Our Health And Daily Activities?

How Can Wearable Technology Improve Our Health And Daily Activities?

The wearable technology industry has taken the healthcare industry by storm, within just a couple of years after its emergence. It has revolutionized the healthcare by assisting doctors in getting real-time access to electronic records of patients. The advantages of wearable technology are not limited to the doctors alone. Any...
Garmin Marine Map Units

Garmin Marine Map Units

The storms and cyclones can be perilous, especially if you are into the sea. It becomes gloomy for seafarers when water waves angrily lap their ships and they don't know exactly where they are. Sadly, a simple compass can only offer limited navigation functionality under such circumstances. However, the...
Technology & Kids Today

How Kids Can Make the Right Use of Tech and not...

Relationship Between Technology & Kids Today: To truly understand the relationship that exists between children and technology today, let’s look at a research study that was conducted in 2009 that will put a lot of things into perspective. The study found that, on average, most kids spent more than five-and-a-half hours...
Guide to Typography

Guide to Typography – Importance and Rules of Typography

It’s rightfully said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, we all know that human brain remembers a picture way more than the texts. That’s why the use of pictures has seen a sheer hike in today’s world. Various websites are also making huge use of images to...
5 Technologies for Helping the Animals

5 Technologies for Helping Animals and Pets

Technology has proven to be very helpful not only for humans but also for animals because some species of animals have become extinct and some are endangered. In this article, you find a few technologies available for helping animals. Read on if you are a pet lover or a...