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ErgoStool - Best Office Chair Under $100

ErgoStool – Best Office Chair Under $100

“Don’t slouch, sit up straight”; I’m sure most of us have heard these words more than once from our mum in our childhood and the time we were growing up. A lot of us would have become annoyed and rolled our eyes on these words. Even if we did what...
Case Study

Guide on Writing a Scientific Case Study with Analytical Elements

There are two tasks related to dealing with a case study — either you have to create a scientific project and present it, or you have to analyse an existing scientific case study or most probably, several case studies. To make things easy for you, we have combined tips...
New G Pen Nova

The Vision for The New G Pen Nova: Functional and Practical

Grenco Science, the makers of the iconic Elite and Pro line of vaporizers recently unveiled their newest offering, the G Pen Nova. The Nova is Grenco Science’s thinnest and most compact vape pen to date. Apart from being small and slim, the G Pen Nova boasts some of the most...
What Is the Best Device to Stop Snoring for You?

What Is the Best Device to Stop Snoring?

You don’t have to worry if you snore occasionally just like anyone else. However, if it is a regular phenomenon that you snore at night, possibly it will disturb your sleep,resulting in morning sleepiness, bad temper, and augmented health problems. What is more, if your partner has to stay awake...
Things to Spend Money On

Should Money be Spent on Upgrading the Quality of the Classrooms?

It is believed that funds should be used for improving the overall status of schools. Kids spend more than a decade studying within school settings. The conditions in which they grow up have an influence on their overall behavior and mental abilities during their childhood. Upon that, a well-developed infrastructure...
How Can Wearable Technology Improve Our Health And Daily Activities?

How Can Wearable Technology Improve Our Health And Daily Activities?

The wearable technology industry has taken the healthcare industry by storm, within just a couple of years after its emergence. It has revolutionized the healthcare by assisting doctors in getting real-time access to electronic records of patients. The advantages of wearable technology are not limited to the doctors alone. Any...
How Will AI Disrupt Healthcare

How Will AI Disrupt Healthcare in 2019?

Artificial intelligence has already become a transformational force in many major industries. It has also had a huge impact on the healthcare industry, and will only continue to do so in 2019. Healthcare solutions based on AI technology are becoming more and more common each day. Today, it is...
Garmin Marine Map Units

Garmin Marine Map Units

The storms and cyclones can be perilous, especially if you are into the sea. It becomes gloomy for seafarers when water waves angrily lap their ships and they don't know exactly where they are. Sadly, a simple compass can only offer limited navigation functionality under such circumstances. However, the...
How Tech Solutions Are Keeping The Cannabis Business Profitable

How Tech Solutions are Keeping the Cannabis Business Profitable

When people think about Canada’s recent move to legalize cannabis for recreational use, tech may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But cutting-edge software and wireless technology is playing an incredibly important role in keeping cannabis businesses profitable as they work to ensure compliance with the...
Technology & Kids Today

How Kids Can Make the Right Use of Tech and not...

Relationship Between Technology & Kids Today: To truly understand the relationship that exists between children and technology today, let’s look at a research study that was conducted in 2009 that will put a lot of things into perspective. The study found that, on average, most kids spent more than five-and-a-half hours...

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