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Portable Jump Starter Kit - Car Gadgets

Ten Car Gadgets that will improve your Driving Experience

Driving is fun, but sometimes the experience may get stressful and even dangerous, more especially when you get stranded in the middle of nowhere by a flat tire or dead car battery. Everyone wants to make the road trip more enjoyable with less or no stress at all. But thanks...
Sell Car in UAE

The Most Convenient Way to Sell Car in UAE

If you’re a car owner in Dubai and one who likes to purchase a different or new vehicle from time to time, then you have probably come across a situation that a lot of people are not fond of and that is selling car in Dubai unless you’re a...
Top 5 New Technologies in Cars Today

Top 5 New Technologies in Cars Today

2018 is coming and for tech-savvy drivers in the market for a new vehicle, the New Year means new gadgets. Automobiles today are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and while reliability, safety and the powertrain remain at the top of buyers’ importance lists, technology is a major selling point too. Technology can...
Driving under alcohol influence. Drunk driver with beer bottle in car.

Ignition Interlock Installation – A New Drunk and Driving Sleuth

A drunk driver may get least concerned about a suspended license. Until caught, you can drive around with a hazy head and sour tongue. It is still better than getting an ignition interlock installation in your car. As per the new guidelines of Law Office of Ronald F. Saupe,...
Car Wheels

Everything You Need To Know About Car Wheels

Have you bought a new car or planning to have one? People often have the craze of customized accessories. Be it the rear view cameras or the tires, a personal touch for the car is something every one of you would love to have. The custom rims and tires are high...
Best Car Window Tint

Choosing the Best Car Window Tint Company: Key Points to consider

It has been so many days that your wife has been asking you to tint the car window. It’s high time you should get it tinted. There are various things you will have to consider before the installation. The type of tint to choose for your car, getting the...
Ikoku Online at Startup Istanbul

Nigeria’s among 100 Startups Selected for Startup Istanbul

Nigerian-owned ecommerce platform for auto parts, IkokuOnline has been selected for the 2017 edition of Startup Istanbul, an exclusive gathering of leading startups, internet companies, angel investors and venture capitalists from Europe, Africa and Asia. IkokuOnline is among the 100 startups selected from a total of 25,000 applications received from...
Honda CRv 2011 Engine

6 Areas to Check Before Buying a Used Vehicle

Buying a used car can be exciting in either a good or bad way. In order to guarantee you have a positive experience, pay attention to the following six areas when you arrive to inspect the vehicle. If your mechanical knowledge and skills leave a little (or a lot)...
IVM Carrier 4WD

Innoson Carrier (IVM Carrier) Pickup Features & Price

Innoson Carrier (a.k.a IVM Carrier) is the prime pickup truck from Nigeria's leading vehicle manufacturer. The double cabin pickup available in 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive options offers the power and versatility of a multipurpose. Innoson Carrier can seat five adults and still provide a 1.68 metre long cargo...
Innoson G5 Compact Crossover SUV

Innoson G5 (IVM G5) SUV Features & Price

Innoson G5 (IVM G5) is a compact crossover SUV from Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing company, a leading auto maker in Nigeria. The sports utility vehicle is in the same general classification as the Toyota RAV4 and the Honda CR-V. Innoson G5 offers state of the art features for a safe...