Choosing The Right Cyber Cafe

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There are a lot of cyber cafes, each promising a wide range of services. But what do you expect from a cyber cafe? In Nigeria today a number of internet cafes deliver very poor quality of service (QoS) to their clients. This is helped by the attitude of most Nigerians to cyber cafes.
Internet users in Nigeria prefer visiting cyber cafes close to their houses or offices irrespective of whether QoS is poor. They often have the false impression that they have no choice, so even though they are not getting the service they expect from their cyber cafe, they keep coming back.

In reality, if you look around, you will surely find an internet cafe that will meet all your needs. Do not believe the fallacy that a cyber cafe is a cyber cafe. In other words, do not believe that all internet cafes offer similar services.

Some Cyber cafes in Nigeria are operating with antiquated infrastructure, Infrastructure that you will only find in museums abroad. Below is an average hardware in a Cyber cafe:
  • 1.33GHz dual-core processor
  • 40GB Hard Disk Drive
  • 2GB RAM
  • Monitor
  • Less than 15 inches monitor
  • USB 2.0

Some cyber cafes are running without a functional floppy drive or CD ROM/RW drive, old and inefficient keyboards, mouse, and no web cam. Some even offer Chinese and Arabic keyboards. In addition, staffs are not well trained or paid to deliver high quality customer experience.

The speed at which some cyber cafes are operating is simply unacceptable. It takes up to 2 to 5 minutes on a very good day to access your Yahoo mail or other web 2.0 in some Cyber cafes, well on a very bad day it can take up to an hour. Try visiting an astrologer before visiting an Internet cafe.

Recently during a test in an internet cafe we observed the appalling speed at which some internet cafes operate first hand. This test involved downloading 7 MB software and observing the speed of download. What was the result? In 4 cyber cafes we observed a download speed of between 0.75Kbps and 3.5Kbps. In fact, in one of the cyber cafes the estimated download time for this 7 MB software was 3 hours 34 minutes. Imagine how long it will take to download a movie.

Despite all these flaws there are still a number of Internet cafes that offer a manageable quality of service. During our test, we came across one Cyber cafe with a download speed of about 33Kbps and another with about 139Kbps. Though these speeds are still a far cry from an ideal QoS, but it is still manageable compared to the first four and if you look around you will even find better cyber cafes.

This means that with just a bit of research one will find a cyber cafe that can at least offer one some level of satisfaction. You have a choice, all you have to do is to get up and look around your town even if it means paying a little bit more. By the time dissatisfied customers of internet cafes offering poor QoS leave for better performing Cyber cafes, they (bad cafes) will certainly turn a new leaf.

Never become too loyal to a particular internet cafe. Occasionally visit another internet cafe preferably a new one and compare their QoS with that of your incumbent Cyber cafe.

This document will provide you with information on factors to consider before settling for a cafe. In addition, we will like to know your experiences with Cyber cafes. If you know of a good cyber cafe in your town, please recommend it to others. You can do this by leaving a comment on our comment page below. Simply click on comment and leave your message. Do not forget the name and location of the Cyber cafe.

In choosing an internet cafe, you must first consider applications you use the most. Some popular applications in Nigeria include email, chatting, social network sites, downloads, online business and offline applications.

We will consider each of these applications one after another and tell you the essentials that you need to consider before settling for a particular cyber cafe. We will also give you some strategy on finding your dream internet cafe. A dream internet cafe will meet all six applications above plus a serene environment and friendly staffs.

Have you found your dream cyber cafe? Share it with others. Leave the name and location in our comment page. Thanks

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