UPS: Does your Cyber Cafe have Backup Power

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Imagine this, you walked into a cyber cafe, you have a proposal to send to a client. You bought your time and logged in to the internet. You enter the web address of your email, but because of slow network it took 15 minutes for the compose page to load. Finally you start composing your master piece proposal.

Suddenly after about 20 minutes as you were about to proof read your proposal, the PC monitor goes blank. There have been a power outbreak and the PC you are using is not connected to a UPS. If you live in Nigeria, that is not hard to imagine.

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is an electronic device that supplies backup power during a power failure. A UPS is an essential component/hardware for a cyber cafe. This is even more important in countries like Nigeria were power supply is epileptic.

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Before using a Cyber cafe in Nigeria or in any country for that matter, ensure that the PCs or at least the PC you are to use is connected to a UPS. This will save you from losing all your data during a power outbreak. Saving your data in the hard drive of the cyber cafe PC does not always work. Some of the PCs are in automatic restore mode. This means that anything you save on the hard drive is wiped out each time the PC is restarted.

Note however that some Cyber Cafes may connect the system unit to the UPS, without connecting the PC monitor. Although you may not lose your data in such a Cyber cafe, you will not be able to use the computer until generator is turned on. The down side however is that because the PC is on your time is still running down even though you are not doing anything.

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Your first choice of Cyber cafe should be one with both monitor and system unit connected to UPS.

There are various UPS brands available in Nigeria today, this include Blue Gate, Super Master and more. You can buy a good 650VA UPS in most parts of Nigeria at about 6,000 Naira. UPS Price will vary depending on capacity. A 650 VA UPS can carry a system unit and monitor comfortably for about 20 minutes with a fully charged battery.

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