Prepayment Meter Series: Electronic Energy Meters

The Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) is deploying Electronic energy prepayment meters in cities in Nigeria. These new meters are part of Nigerian government’s plan to ensure that Nigerians begin to pay for Electrical energy. Power Holding Company of Nigeria also hopes that the deployment of these new Electronic Prepayment Energy Meters will reduce the cost of revenue collection by PHCN as well as increase revenues.

These new electronic energy prepayment meters will put the consumer in control. You can now decide how much you are willing to spend on energy monthly. It is a fair way to pay for energy. The days of estimated bills are over. If Power Holding Company of Nigeria decide not to give power for one month, you will not be billed more than N500 for that month (monthly fixed charge and 5% VAT).

In this series, we will be focusing on the recently introduced Electronic Energy Prepayment meter. We will start with an overview of the new electronic energy prepayment meters. We will then provide some basic information about the meters. We will also provide information on how to perform some basic operation on the new electronic energy prepayment meter.

Energy Prepayment Meter Series