Amazon Kindle ebook reader price drops to 189 USD

Amazon Kindle
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Amazon has dropped the price of Kindle ebook reader to $189 from $259. This we believe is a direct response to increasing competition from other ebook readers like Nook from Barnes & Nobles and especially iPad from Apple. Barnes & Nobles also recently slashed the price of the Nook from $259 to $199. This new price will for the Kindle ebook reader will surely make it more attractive to more consumers who are yet to decide. The price of the larger Kindle DX ebook reader has also dropped to $379 from $489.

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Amazon have also unveiled the latest generation of Kindle e-book reader, which is now available in two models. The new Kindle global wireless model now has Wi-Fi built-in and still goes for $189, while Amazon have added a Kindle Wi-Fi only model to mix at an even cheaper price of $139. Read more about latest generation Kindle.

Kindle 2 wireless e-book reader

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Amazon Kindle is a wireless ebook reader that allows you buy books at the Amazon Kindle store at a price cheaper than paper editions and have it delivered wirelessly free to your device within 60 seconds using an innovative wireless technology called Whispernet over a mobile wireless network.

Amazon Kindle ebook reader runs on Whispernet over high-speed HSDPA (a 3.5G mobile cellular technology compatible with GSM) with a fallback to EDGE/GPRS (GSM cellular technology) outside HSDPA coverage. The Kindle ebook reader has global wireless capability, enabling it to deliver your purchases using Whispernet over high-speed 3G HSDPA or GPRS/EDGE networks in over 100 countries including US, UK, Norway, India, Australia, Poland, Canada, Germany, Kenya and South Africa.

With Amazon Kindle ebook reader there is no monthly wireless bills to worry about, all you pay for is the Kindle ebook you are downloading. Think of a book and you can have it delivered within minutes. Owners of Kindle ebook readers can also download Kindle ebooks wirelessly free outside their home country, except for customers in the United States, who will pay when downloading abroad.

Amazon Kindle ebook reader can hold up to 1500 ebooks, a lot of books to carry in 282.2 grams. At the Amazon Kindle store you have over 600,000 Kindle books to choose from including 109 out of 112 New York Times Bestsellers as well as top newspapers, magazines, and blogs. Over 1.8 million free, out-of-copyright, pre-1923 books are also available to read on Kindle. Kindle ebook reader now fully supports PDF, meaning you can read all those personal documents on Kindle reader.

Kindle ebook reader is now integrated to social media. Readers can now share their passion for books and reading with friends, family, and other readers around the world by posting meaningful passages to social networks like Facebook and Twitter directly from Kindle ebook reader.

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Prices of Amazon Kindle devices:

  • Amazon Kindle ebook reader with global wireless + Wi-Fi – $189
  • Amazon Kindle ebook reader with Wi-Fi only – $139
  • Amazon Kindle DX ebook reader with global wireless – 379 USD

Amazon has discontinued the US only Kindle ebook reader, but they are still available as second-hand items.

Accessories that you may buy with/for your Amazon Kindle ebook reader with global wireless include:

Amazon Kindle leather cover:
Amazon Kindle Reading Lights: This will enable you read in the dark.
Replacement battery: spare battery
Memory card: Increase the quantity of Kindle titles you can carry on your ebook reader.
Amazon Kindle Solar charger: Charge your Kindle ebook reader anywhere, all you need is sunlight.
Universal charger: Charge your spare battery.

Amazon Kindle is available for order, for current prices, reviews, specification, and features of this wonderful electronic reader, visit You can also buy Amazon Kindle ebook reader at the store.

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