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Google Offers is a new service by Google that helps you find attractive deals on products and services at local or online businesses, while you search the web. Google Offers will also be delivered to subscribers via email. The service is on beta in Portland, Oregon, United States and will soon be available in a few selected cities in the United States.

Google Offers

Google Offers will display offers and deals on products and services relevant to your search term and location while you search the web or have them delivered to your email. Google Offers will be displayed on Google’s search products like Google Search, Google Maps, Latitude, Shopper, and on the Google Offers website, where users can view offers of the day and recent deals in their locality.

Google Offers syncs seamlessly with Google Wallet, a new payment service from Google that might one day replace your wallet. With Google Wallet, you can shop and pay for goods and services at physical locations using an NFC (Near Field Communications) enabled mobile phone.

Where Google Wallet and Offers meet is that Google Wallet enables you save deals like Google Offers and coupons on your mobile phone. Once you save a deal from Google Offers, they sync automatically with your Google Wallet redeemable when you shop at the merchant location. So, no need for a paper voucher that may get lost.

How Google Offers works

Merchant in cities where Google Offers is available applies to Google to join the program. If application is approved, Google will help such merchant to create a compelling offer for their business. Normally the merchant will state the deal, the terms, and period within which the deal must be redeemed. The merchant also states an Offer period, i.e. the period within which you can obtain an offer voucher.

A merchant can also state the number of items that once sold the offer runs out whether or not the offer period was reached. Then Google will send the Offers via email to the subscribers of the service on daily or weekly basis. Google may also use other channels to promote an offer, such its search services.

Google may display Offers relevant to search terms to users of its Search services like Google Search, Google Maps, Latitude, etc. So, say you are searching for shoes, Google may include a deal offered by a shoe merchant in your locality along with the search results. Google Offers may also appear as Ads on GMail and may be other email services.

When users in supported cities see interesting offers, they pay online via Google to secure the deal. The user will then print a voucher, which they will use to redeem the deal at the merchant’s location. Google Offers can also be saved on a mobile phone via Google Wallet. Google will then pay the merchant the value sold (probably less commission).

The user must visit the merchant’s locations advertised on the offer with the printed voucher, within the validity period of the offer to redeem the deal. Vouchers presented after the period will be invalid. A number of Google Offers have up to six months validity period, so there is no need to rush.

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