Data Entry Jobs at Online Work Marketplace

Data Entry Jobs at Online Work Marketplace
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Data Entry jobs seems like the easiest online work. However, it does require good computer skills, endurance, attention to details, precision, and stamina. So it must not be seen as an easy way to make money, because doing the work of a data entry expert is anything but easy. That said it is one of the easiest online work to learn.

In this article, which is a part of our online work series, we will look at the work of a data entry expert. This is just an introduction, visit any of the Best Freelancing Websites for details of the type of work data entry experts do.

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What a Data Entry Expert Does

A data entry expert does what the name says, enters data. The job involves organising and/or completing data. As a data entry expert, you could be given some bunch of muddled up data and asked to organise them. A data entry expert may also be given a data file with incomplete data and told to fill in the missing pieces.

Normally the data to be organised or completed will be provided in spreadsheet like MS Excel or in database software like MS Access.

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At this point, you will be thinking it is easy. What could be easier than entering data in a spreadsheet, you may ask. Well, wait until you are given 1,000 data items to complete in a day. Entering data into a spreadsheet may be easy, but entering thousands of them require lots of stamina and precision.

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A typical job of a data entry expert involves completing and making data more useful. For example, you could be given an excel document with 4 columns, one for company name and the other three for website and contact email and phone number.

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The company name column could be filled with 1,000 company names. Your job as a data entry expert will be to fill in the website, email, and phone number of each of the 1,000 companies.

This job will involve researching online for the website of each of the companies and grabbing their domain name, email, and phone number and using it to complete the data file. Entering data is easy, but it takes a lot of effort.

Skills for Data Entry Jobs

From the work of a data entry expert shown above one can easily determine the relevant skills. As a data entry expert you are expected to be proficient in the use of spreadsheet and database software. You should also understand the different data types and their structure.

You need to know how to research using search engines and other online and offline sources. Add endurance, attention to details, precision, and stamina to your list.

Visit any of the top online work sites for details of the type of work data entry experts do.

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