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Facebook Page is not a Website Substitute

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With the popularity of social media sites like Facebook and Instagram a lot of businesses are going social. Social media sites offer brand pages for businesses to promote their products and services. However, a brand page should not be seen as a substitute for a business website.

Some businesses ignore building websites, preferring to open free brand pages on social media sites like Facebook. Even some businesses with websites focus more on building social media fan base updating their Facebook page regularly without bothering much about their websites.

Your website should be the HQ of your online presence. All your activities online should be centred on your website. So, your social media presence should be connected to your website. The best strategy is to use social media to engage and connect with customers and fans (potential customers) and then drive them to your website to view your offers.

Websites are more effective at generating sales than social media, while social media are more effective for building your brand reputation. So, each should be used where it is most effective. When visitors enter your website, you should aim for two things convert them into fans or convert them into customers. So, your website should be linked to your social media presence and vice-verse.

Your Website is under your control Facebook is not

A Website is great for Business
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Have you ever wondered what will happen to your thousands or millions of fans on Facebook if the social media site folds up tomorrow? Well here’s what will happen, they will disappear into thin air.

Facebook does not even need to go out of business for this to happen. You can have your account closed for violating some Facebook terms. Facebook may even introduce some new policy or deploy an algorithm update in future that might make it unbearable for your business.

This is why you need your own business website. It is under your control and will exist as long as you maintain it. Your business success should not depend as much as possible on the success and/or temperament of other businesses.

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A website gives you full control of your content, something that is still very difficult with most social media sites including Facebook. Design a website today.

You can start out by checking some of the Best Web Hosting available. If you decide to go with the most popular platform for building websites, here are some of the best services for WordPress Hosting.

You can also read this article about the different options you have for designing a website for your business. For how much it could cost you building your own website, here is an article on the cost of building websites. Happy Reading.

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