#PhoneWars: Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 7 who is the King?

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 7

Both phones appreciably are good pieces of technology from reputable companies. However, the question remains: if the iPhone 7 is not even aesthetically distinct from the iPhone 6 (released 2 years ago), can it then be said to be more advanced than Samsung Galaxy S7, released in March this year? So let’s compare the most highlighted features of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus to those of Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

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Both phones bearing some similarities with their predecessors, but the iPhone 7 more than the Samsung Galay S7. As far as aesthetics is concerned, where it is hard to tell the difference between iPhone 7 and iPhone 6, Samsung S7 reflects a lot of learning from Samsung’s 2015 flagship.

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S7 features a curved back for better one handed usability and comes with the same strong metal chassis and glass. Even the Galaxy S7 Edge has a slightly curved back.

That aside, iPhone 7 offers two extra-stunning finishes – jet black and a matte black- while still retaining the traditional gold, rose gold and silver finishes. It is also about half a millimetre thinner than S7 Edge besides been generally lighter weighing a total of 4.87 ounces compared to S7 Edge’s 5.54 ounces.


Both the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 are water and dust resistant, rated IP67 and IP68 respectively. The first digit, 6, means that both phones are completely resistant to dust, general dirt and sand.

This means that the iPhone 7 is guaranteed free from harm if immersed in water (1m deep for 30 minutes) under defined conditions of pressure and time. The ranking, 8, guarantees that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is safer at 1.5m submersion for 30 minutes.

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In real life, it means that my Samsung A5 2016 would not be not be lying in Samsung Care centre waiting for a miracle after it fell into a puddle of water last week, were it to be a Samsung S7 or iPhone 7.

What the iPhone 7 misses out in terms of water resistance though, it makes up for with its aluminium casing that is more durable than Samsung’s glass backs, susceptible to breaking when dropped.

Battery life

Compared to Samsung Galaxy S6, the S7 has a battery 1.1mm thicker than the S6 and an increased capacity from 2550mAh to 3000mAh. What this translates to is that S7 delivered an impressive 17h 48m in a continuous video playback test where the S6 managed 13h. So the S7 can get a heavy user through a day with 15- 20% battery life left.

With the iPhone 7, you get a 14-hour long battery life if you are using WIFI and 12 if you are using 4G. On its part, iPhone 7 plus gives you 15 hours of battery life on both WIFI and 4G.

Whatever the case, I think of these as demonstration of empathy towards their Nigerian users.
Beyond these though, Samsung Galaxy S7 offers quick charging, which the iPhone 7 does not. It also features wireless charging which like quick charging; Apple has refused to incorporate into iPhones.


Apple made significant improvement on the iPhone 7 camera. It has better low-light capabilities and can take sharper, crisp photos. It also has an f/1.8 lens that allows for 50 percent more light into the lens. It also has a new 12MP sensor that is 60 percent faster and 30 percent more energy efficient.

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The iPhone 7 Plus with its 5.5-inch screen features a dual lens camera that boasts a huge increase in quality when zooming in on a photo. No more grainy photos, a problem that has been a major challenge for Apple for years.

Compared to Samsung Galaxy S7, it has almost the same features except that the S7 has an f/1.7 aperture which makes it probably more capable of handling low-light situations better.

The Headphone Jack

There is a lot to say about both phones, really. iPhone 7 has replaced its headphones jack and in its place, is a pair of lighting EarPods which are connected through its charging port and the wireless Apple Airpods, powered by a W1 chimp. While all of these are great technology, there is a downside: you cannot charge your phone and listen to music at the same time.

On the reverse, S7 retained the traditional headsets and we can’t deny that there is something about the wired headphones despite the fact that it is cool to go futuristic. Plus you can charge your phone and listen to music at the same time!

Internal Storage

There is no clear winner here as where one falls short, it makes up with something the other does not have. The iPhone is available in 32, 128 and 256 GB options while the S7 Edge is only available in either 32GB or 64GB.

But the thing is that the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has a MicroSD card slot which gives it up to an expandable memory of up to one terabyte and MicroSD cards are not expensive.


In terms of superiority, both phones match up each other for the different features and so it comes back to the question of preference.

If you like a mobile device that gives you not just good battery life but also allows you recharge it quickly, Samsung Galaxy S7 is your phone. Same thing applies if you prefer the headset and don’t mind expandable storage capacity.

With respect to pricing, presently Samsung Galaxy S7 is cheaper and it might be one reason to choose it over the iPhone 7 which comes with a starting price of about NGN300, 000. Either way, you get free delivery of both phones to your preferred location within 24 hours when you use the Buy Now service on Efritin

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