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Here’s 5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to avoid at all costs

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For the past two days now, I have been talking about social media marketing. Not just what it is, but we have also been able to discover how you can get started with social media marketing in no time.

With all that has been said and done, it might look like this new form of driving sales is the perfect funnel to ever be introduced into the business.

The aim of today’s post is to tell you that is not true. Like any other good thing, social media marketing also has its pain points. However, that should not be the reason why you don’t launch into it.

In fact, I have compiled the list of top social media marketing mistakes people make. That way, you know to avoid them. I know you’re interested in learning from the hard knocks of others, so let’s dive right in

 social media marketing mistakes

1. Quality, not Quantity

Blogs and emails allow you pour out your mind as much as you want to. Social media, on the other hand, requires you feed the timeline in small bits.

In a bid to get all the information out, it is not uncommon to see people sending out tons of linking tweets. Guess what? You are not doing anyone any favours.

Instead of coming off as spam to your audience, limit your posting to once or twice daily. That will force you to be more creative in choosing the best content to send out

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2. Same Content, Multiple Platforms

Even if the same customer is on different social media platforms, the way they subconsciously consume information across the platforms is different. That is why you will need to tailor the content you send out on various social media platforms to suit the taste of such.

Posting general content everywhere will only have an effect in where such a message was tailored for

3. Not Listening

The excitement to get started with this new type of program can cause you to just start doling out content to your audience without looking back. Unfortunately, that is one of the biggest social media marketing mistakes you can make.

Social media has to be about conversation. When you start to make it one-sided, no one will be interested in talking to you after a while. Instead, talk less and listen more.

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By so doing, you get the customer pool to pour out their minds to you, get actionable info and above all, form a deep emotional attachment to them.

4. Misplaced Focus

When people launch into social media marketing, I always wish they knew what to look for. A lot of them look to make a sale. If that is you, you are making a mistake already. More than a sale, look to make a connection.

The aim of social media is to make connections. Make strong, valuable connections. Create a very tight network of people that trust in your brand, and watch the sales come in. The connections last for very long, and the sales are the rewards of your efforts

5. Poor Transparency

One of the highlights of social media, and sometimes its downside, is how it makes everyone vulnerable to the level of the information they have chosen to share. It is easier for people to want to connect to their brands on social media than looking for them elsewhere on the internet.

If you are thus running a campaign on social media and keeping a tight shop, you are doing it wrong. Be easily accessible, leave multiple contact information and reveal the need-to-knows about your business. In the end, make sure you are very interactive, replying to comments and inquiries as they come.

This is not, in any way, an exhaustive list. However, it does cover the most expensive social media marketing mistakes that business and brands make. Steer clear of this and you will have better results from your marketing campaign in little time.

Got any other social media marketing mistake that you feel did not make this list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section

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