Trends & Predictions for PPC Marketing in 2021

PPC Marketing
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PPC campaigns are a great part of online marketing, and as marketing demands continue to evolve, PPC campaigns also get aligned with those requirements. Thus setting new trends every passing year.

Over time audience gets acquainted with the already implemented and used PPC campaigns and that’s why it is even essential to let the new PPC marketing trends come in.

The new technologies and ever changing market make it more obvious for PPC campaigns to change its trends accordingly.

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Let’s have a look at the trends and predictions for PPC campaigns in 2021.

1. Video Ads

More so than anything else, video ads will take over the online advertising. It is not even a prediction but a strong fact. Video ads will take over a lot of traditional ads because of their ability to deliver messages better.

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2. Responsive Mobile Landing page

Your PPC campaign leading to a landing page should be responsive enough and 2021 is going to be a big year for landing page responsiveness in mobile view.

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Mobile devices are already heavily being used, so delivering seamless web like experience on mobile should be your focus because it is going to be a great trend in 2021.

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Neil Patel, a guru of digital marketing said  “Your PPC campaign landing pages must be responsive”. This trend puts a great responsibility on marketers to make mobile versions highly compelling for users.

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3. Voice searches will impact Ad behaviors

Voice searches are already taking up a lot of search engine searches because of great and improved speech learning functionalities.

The ad behaviours will also comply with voice searches. However, it is not highly necessary for 2021. But keeping it in your mind and getting hands on it earlier will definitely help you design effective campaigns

4. Google Local Service Ads

Google will definitely take a greater part in PPC campaigns in the year 2021. If you don’t know how Google Local Service Ads work, check out this Google Local Service Ads guide.

Google launched this service in a lot of cities in the year 2017 and will likely expand to most of the US cities this year.

5. Enhanced Google Adwords

The new Google Adwords launched by Google will also impact and innovate the PPC campaigns in great new ways. New Google Adwords contains a lot of great features for the users. Few of most important features are mentioned below:

  • Gmail asset-based ads
  • Campaign total budgets
  • Custom rules updates
  • Semantic location
  • Promotion extensions
  • Life events
  • Video campaign extensions
  • Ad group level ad rotation
  • Expanded language targeting

Final Words

Google has advanced its PPC campaigns and upgraded itself because of diverse and increasing competition of everyone to reach the top spot in search results.

Although technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Voice & Visual Searches will also have a great impact on upcoming PPC campaigns for 2021, the online marketers need to start thinking about ways to get PPC campaigns around these technologies because they surely will impact PPC as they continue to develop and improve.

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