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iMessage for PC and How to Install it (2 Methods)

iMessage for PC
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iMessage, as we all know, is Apple’s built-in instant messaging service that is provided on Apple devices like the iPhone and the iPad.

So, you will certainly think that it might not be compatible with a Windows or Android devices.

You could have been right in the past, but, things have changed now.

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There are many methods to install iMessage on your PC (desktop or Laptop).

Methods for Installing iMessage for PC

Today, we will discuss 2 different methods to get the iMessage installed and working on a Windows desktop.

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These two methods are the most effective and commonly used.

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Install iMessage for PC (Method 1)

Before you start with this method, you need to have a Mac computer with iMessage already installed and a Windows PC.

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If you have both of these accessible, then this is an easy method.

Else, you would need to consider the next method.

Steps to be followed:

  • Download Chrome and Chrome Remote Desktop
  • Launch the App
  • On the Mac desktop, download and install Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer
  • You are provided with a code that you can use to connect both the desktops; use the code to connect them
  • That’s it!! You are done.You can now use the iMessage on your Windows desktop

If you don’t have both types of desktops available, then the next method is also applicable, so you need not worry.

Install iMessage for PC (Method 2)

This step is the easier one as compared to the first method.

You don’t need two desktops in this method since only a Windows PC is sufficient to get the iMessage for PC installed.

You are well aware of the Android emulator that lets Android Apps to be installed on your Windows PC.

There is also something called iOS emulator that enables popular Apple Apps to be installed on your Windows PC.

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We will use this emulator option in this method to get the iMessage for PC installed and working.

Steps to be Followed:

  • Download the iOS emulator – research for the best emulator without any bugs or complaints and download it from a reliable site
  • Install the Emulator
  • Launch the Emulator
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the installation process to complete
  • Once the installation is complete, launch the emulator software on your Windows PC
  • Search for the iMessage App via the search bar
  • Once you find the correct App, download and install it
  • And, you are good to go

With the last step, you are done and good to go.

Please keep in mind that in this method, the iMessage App runs with an emulator, so you need to launch the emulator first and then launch the iMessage App via the emulator.

iMessage is an Apple-specific App which means it is a Mac-specific product and hence, we need to follow these steps to ensure that the App runs without any hassle.

Ensure that all the steps of each method are followed precisely for the App to work properly.

In the past, it would have been really difficult to get the iMessage for PC before the emulator was designed.

But now it is a reality!!

So, enjoy the boons of technological advancements.

Final Thoughts

With massive improvements to the iMessage App during the recent updates, you can get access to features like P2P money transfer, Digital Touch, screen effects and more.

Don’t miss out on these features just because you don’t own a Mac device.

Install the iMessage for PC and enjoy the App with all its features.

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