Classification of Drones

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Drones are non-pilot, remote-controlled robotic machines that are growing in importance. There are many benefits of drones and they are not making human life easy but making them more fun and exciting.

There are hundreds and thousands of models of drones available in the market. Their access is easy and legal in some countries. Because of their unlimited varieties, their classification seems impossible.

Every drone is different from other on the basis of their size, features, and price. So the best way to classify drones is by their size.

Technology of drone is changing day by day. You can easily find a drone that is smaller than your finger and a drone that can be used as a cargo drone. With the evolving technology and techno investments more advanced and complicated drones are being made.

The most common technology that is used in drones is UAV technology. Every drone despite of its size incorporates this technology.

Small Size Drones:

These are the most affordable and efficient drone. They lack powerful motors and have dimensions among 40 to 50 cm.

These are the most common drones and are easily available in the market. They have a small radius and can fly up to just 40 minutes. One of the important small drones is the Nano and Mini drones.

Nano and Mini Drones:

These drones are the smallest of all the drones. These drones are divided into two groups:

Nano and mini drones. These nano drones are not bigger than insect but mini-drones are approximately more than 50cm and mini drones have very powerful motors and have more classified and advanced features.

These models are basically used for spying purposes. They are a perfect tool used by Military. These models have a small radius and can fly up to just 3 km and cannot be in the air more than 10 to 20 minutes.

Best Camera Drones:


DJI Spark:

DJI Spark is the smallest quadcopter that offers many great deals to the owner. It is really easy to use and can be kept in a pocket or a bag easily.

This drone can also be controlled and flown by hand movements. This drone doesn’t come with separate batteries and be charged by USB modes and have automatic flight modes that makes taking picture easier and fun.

DJI Mavic Air:

This new DJI Mavic Air foldable drone is light weight and compatible, it can easily be flown away with the gestures of hand. It has the qualities of both Spark and Mavic pro. DJI Mavic Air is the latest version of Mavic series of DJI and soon Mavic 2 will be released.

Uvify OOri:

It is a speedy and advanced drone In the name of a camera toy drone. It has high speed having different flight modes. It has a speed more than 50mph. This drone also has the ability to get connected and synced up with other racer drones.


These mini Drones are a perfect way to learn how-to handle and fly a drone. It helps the beginner to understand the function of the drones before they dive into the drone world. These mini drones are made with latest technology.

These robotic toys are durable, easy to handle and above all they are cheap so even if you have any collision and get your drone damaged its okay because they don’t cost much and you can buy easily another drone in really cheap price. That is another benefit of these drones because if you get trained on these you will not have to worry about the collision of big drones.

Drones also have built in FPV camera that helps in displaying real time imagery captured by your drones in bird’s eye perspective. For more about drones and drones reviews visit:

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