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10 Low Investment Business Ideas for 2024

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There is a huge strength of young and energetic people in emerging economies like Nigeria and India. They are the entrepreneurs of the future. Today’s youth want to grow in life and become independent but most don’t want to go for jobs that give them a hectic life.

Therefore, they are always in search of business ideas with low investment. But before starting a new venture or startup, it is necessary for you to do a proper market research.

You should be passionate and must have all the business tactics to compete with your respective competitors in the market.

Best Business Ideas with Low Investment:

There are so many online business ideas with low investment which you can pursue as a career option. These business ideas are free from market script and barriers, they can be tried everywhere even in small cities and towns. Not only boys but girls can also go for these options. List is given below:

1. Online Bakery:

Online Bakery

It is most trending low investment business. You can acquire skills in baking items such as traditional baked goods, gluten free and sugar free breads, cakes and cookies.

This strategy could work, because people are more diet and nutrition conscious these days. You have to spend money on buying domain name and hosting space, so you can also attract buyers online using a website.

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You can also provide facilities till midnight because very few bakeries provide that. If you have very low budget then you can also create a Facebook page about your business that is free of cost.

2. Photography:


These days, professional photographers are in demand. It is a great business idea to pursue if you looking for low investment opportunities.

It is also a good career option for students who are willing to become professional photographers.

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Pre-wedding shoots are in trend and it will surely rise in the coming years. You can set-up your studio in the market or you can work as a freelance photographer as well. You just need a good camera and must have photography skills.

Here are places you can learn photography online.

3. Ice-cream Parlor:

Ice-cream Parlor

Ice-cream Parlor business is good for both educated and uneducated persons as both of them can pursue this as no particularly special skills are required.

Ice Cream is in demand in all seasons. You can also offer numerous types of flavor for unique ice-creams to help you attract huge number of people.

You can go for new experiments as well. You can also create your own brand by spending few bucks on marketing your business.

4. Lime Soda Shop:

vodka tonic1 1024x683

Lime Soda shop is another business idea with low investment. You just need to pay rent for shop’s space and buy raw material & soda maker for making soda.

You can provide flavor soda with no sugar and artificial-additives. These days, people prefer healthy drinks so you can add natural citrus extracts. One of the great advantages of this business is that you can run this business in rural as well as metropolitan cities.

5. English Coaching Class:

English Coaching Class

English coaching class is among one of the best home-based business ideas. If you have good English speaking and writing skills, you can easily go for this business.

Nowadays, lots and lots of people want to learn English. You just need few wooden benches and a blackboard or whiteboard for this business.

This business demands publicity and advertisement at the initial stage. Basically it is a zero investment idea. You can also go for freelancer tutor.

6. Fitness Trainer:

Fitness Trainer

Everyone wants to remain fit and healthy these days and there is a huge demand for personal fitness trainers. Therefore, it is a very good side-business which can be started without investment.

If a person is fond of physical exercise, having a varying degree as fitness trainer and knowledge about general fitness then he or she can pursue this profession.

You just need to work hard and maintain your diet. You also need to motivate people by setting their goals and show them good results.

7. Party Planner:

Party Planner

It is the best part-time business idea if you are organised and a good planner. Nowadays, partying is a culture, as people love to celebrate their happy moments with their relatives, friends and colleagues and for that; they hunt a perfect party planner.

The party planner business is a good idea whether in the cities or in the rural areas. This business requires excellent management skills. Therefore, MBA graduates can also look for this as good career option.

8. Fast Food Point:

Fast Food Point

It is one of the most promising business ideas with good returns. These days, people are dying for fast foods. Each fast food point in your city is filled with people.

You need to rent a place and spend money on raw material and groceries. Both educated and uneducated people can do it.

You must have cooking skills if u want to cook yourself otherwise you can hire a cook. Prepare unique dishes to attract more customers.

9. Travel Agency:

Travel Agency

This is one of the fastest growing business ideas in the last couple of years and will still be big in 2024. It is an evergreen business. People love to travel across the world.

You can help people in travelling and boarding and all. You can open your own home-based travel agency, or you can partner with some agency to recommend offers.

It requires minimal investment. It is a good career option for girls as well as many college going students can also opt this business.

10. Tattoo Shop:

Tattoo Shop

These days, the young generation are getting crazy for tattoos. Girls and boys both are crazy to fill their body parts with tattoos.

Even, they are ready to spend huge money on tattoos, thus starting a tattoo shop is a good career option nowadays.

You need to learn tattoo making skills and you have to spend some money on branding your business. It is one of the best professions for 2024.

The Last Words:

Please remember you can also get successful with low investments as big investment businesses are not always successful.

So, you should break the mental barrier in your mind. You just need courage, proper plans, good communication skills and proper knowledge of the profession that you choose. Also, be creative and dedicated as these also matters a lot to get successful in any business.

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