Technology That Makes it Easy to Give Money as a Gift

Technology That Makes it Easy to Give Money as a Gift
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Not sure what to get a family member this holiday season? Or maybe a friend has an approaching birthday? Cash is a great option, especially since there are so many fun ways to give money that go beyond stuffing cash into a card inside an envelope!

However, there’s an even easier way to give friends and family members the money they crave.

Instead of giving them cash the old-fashioned way, the modern age provides you with plenty of tech-friendly ways to gift money quickly and easily.

Money Transfers

There are tons of ways to send money without actually forking over the green. One popular way is with a money transfer service.

For example, if you want to send money to a loved one in Honduras for the holidays, all you have to do is use a platform like Remitly. They can pick up the cash at the bank without having to wait for a check in the mail!

There are other ways to transfer money. They include:

  • PayPal
  • Zelle
  • Google Pay
  • Facebook Messenger

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a classic way to give money without actually giving cash. Although some people shy away from gift cards because they seem impersonal, they actually make the best gifts.

The unfortunate truth of gift-giving is that many gifts that are exchanged are unwanted. The right gift card can make sure that is never the case. Gift cards are great because they allow the recipient to spend the money however they want.

Second, giving a gift card is the most personal way to give an impersonal gift. By purchasing a gift card to a favorite store or retailer, you can show the recipient that you know what they like, which important to any gift-giving strategy.

Preloaded Credit or Debit Cards

What if you don’t really know what the recipient likes? Take the gift card one step further and give them a prepaid credit card instead.

Prepaid credit cards and debit cards allow you to put money on a card that the recipient can spend like they would when using any card. They can go into any store and use the money on the card until the funds have been spent.

Digital Gift Cards

What if you can’t be with the recipient when you give them their gift? Of course, you can always send money and gift cards in the mail, but why not make sure their gift arrives instantly with a digital gift card?

Most retailers have an online store, which means they can send digital gift cards in an instant. Choose the amount, and send it straight to your friend or family member’s email!

Technology has made life easier for all of us. There’s no doubt it has made gift-giving easier than ever before too! Instead of forking over cash, make things quicker and easier for both you and your loved one by giving one of the ideas on this list a try.

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