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Yearly, it is estimated that about $1 billion worth of gift cards are unused. This is simply because so many people end up with gift cards from shops they never shop from.

Instead of letting these cards go to waste, there are several platforms that allow you to sell or trade your gift cards for cash or gift cards that you need. You can even buy bitcoins with gift cards.

In this post, we explore some of the best places to sell gift cards currently.

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1. Raise

Raise is no doubt one of the best places to sell your gift cards. The platform allows you to list your card for sale at a price determined by you instead of selling to the website directly.

Listing  a card on the website is free but a 12% commission is charged once the card is successfully sold. Available payment options are Paypal, direct deposit, and check.

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2. Cardpool

Cardpool is currently one of the best places to sell your gift cards. They accept both physical and electronic gift cards, and also store credits for hundreds of popular brands.

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Selling your gift card at card pool will fetch you as high as 92% cash back on your sold gift card. Payment is by check or with Amazon eGift card delivered to your email address.

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The website is well trusted and is the preferred choice for many when it comes to sales of gift cards. Cardpool’s official website is

3. CoinCola

CoinCola is an over the counter (OTC) marketplace where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP) and Dash from people near where you live.

What makes it stand out, is that it allows you buy Bitcoin using gift cards. At CoinCola, you can easily sell your gift cards in exchange for BitCoin.

Some of the popular ones with demand on CoinCola include Amazon Gift Cards, iTunes Gift cards, Nike Gift Cards, Steam Gift cards, etc. More options include gift cards for eBay, Google Play, Walmart, Sephora, Netflix, Apple Store, PlayStation Network, etc

4. Ebay

If you are looking to sell your gift card for a little extra box, you should consider eBay. The downside of selling on eBay is that, you have to be extra careful not to list the pin. Also, you may not be able to sell your card as fast as you would on other platforms.

5. Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny is another platform that allows you to easily sell your unwanted gift cards in exchange for cash or trade them for another gift card.

Gift Card Granny’s official website is The website is user friendly which makes your trading experience smooth.

Once on the website, search for the brand/store on your gift card, enter the card’s balance and you can view available offers. Available trading options on the website are; sell it now, name your price and trade it in. Each option works differently and they are explained below.

Sell it now: This option allows you to sell your gift card immediately for a set price which could be as high as 92% of the value of the card. This option is fast if you want quick cash as your payment will be processed within days.

Name your price: The name your price option allows you to list your card online and also quote a price. This option will suit you if you are willing to play the waiting game as you can get paid more. Once your offer is accepted, your payment will be processed.

Trade in: The trade in option offers you the chance of trading your unwanted gift card for one that you need. There are dozens of popular brands and stores for you to choose from. The trade in option allows you to potentially earn a higher payout.

6. CardCash

CardCash is currently one of the best places to sell your gift cards. It is said to have the world’s largest inventory of discounted gift cards. Selling or trading your gift card on the website is quite easy.

You can earn as high as 92% of the value of the card if exchanged for cash or you can choose to trade for another gift card, potentially earning yourself more. CardCash allows you to sell your partially used gift cards which is quite good.

The website, is user friendly and you only need to enter a few details about your card before you are presented with offers.

Once you accept and of the offers, your order is approved and your payment is processed within 2 business days. There is also a mobile app for you to trade or sell your cards. Available payment options include check, PayPal, or direct deposit.

7. GiftCardSwapping

GiftCardSwapping is another exchange platform for your unwanted gift cards. You can sell or trade your gift cards with ease.

You can visit the website at to sell or trade your cards. You are required to create an account, log in, then post and edit on your personal dashboard.

Reports from people who have previously sold their gift cards on this platform indicates that their rates are slightly lower than those of other platforms featured on this list.

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Also, there are fees for selling cards on this platform although swapping your gift card for another is totally free. This website may not be the best for selling your gift card outright but you can trade them in and earn a good deal.

8. Monster Gift Card

Monster Gift Card is another platform that makes selling your unwanted gift cards very easy. In just a few simple steps, you can get your gift card sold.

Visit the official website at Once there, simply find your card’s dealer and you are offered a price for your gift card.

If the price is acceptable to you, accept the offer and mail your gift card to the company. Your payment is then processed and you are paid by check.

It is important to state that Monster Gift Card only accepts cards of $10 to $200 although your card may still be accepted if it’s worth more than $200 but you are required to contact the company first via its website to get pre-approval.

9. Gift Card Spread

Gift Card Spread is also one of the best places to sell your gift cards, both physical and electronic. The website is easy to use, allowing you to quickly cash in on your unwanted gift cards from several popular brands in USA.

To sell your gift card on the website, select the ‘’sell gift cards’’ option at the top of the page, enter the retailer name, card type and card value.

You have the choice to input the price you want to sell your card. Payment is solely via check received in your mail.

This platform does not allow you to trade your gift cards for others but you can earn between 60-90% of the card’s full value if you choose to sell your card on the platform. The company’s website is

10. Gift Me

Gift Me also allows you to exchange your unwanted gift card for cash easily. The company’s website has a friendly user interface, making it easy to transact with the company. Through the website, you can track your inventory sales and funds easily.

Once your card is sold successfully, you will be paid via check or direct deposit. Payment is processed within 7 days. There is also a trading app from the company which makes selling your gift cards on the platform even more fun.

11. Gameflip

This platform allows you to sell your gaming gift cards for cash. Gift cards for Xbox Live, PSN, Google Play Cards, and Amazon can be sold easily on the platform.

The platform allows you to list your card for sale, rather than sell directly to the website. This mean you are very much in control of how much you earn for your gift card.

It is advisable to list you card for between 85%-98% of its value to increase the chances of it being sold. Available payment options are Paypal, Bitcoin and direct payment to bank account. Officiail website is

12. CardKangaroo

The official website is The platform allows you to sell gift cards for popular brands like Amazon, Banana Republic, Pottery Barn and several others for cash.

The process of selling your gift card via the platform is quite easy. You get an offer online and if you accept it, you then mail the gift card to the company.

Offers can be as high as 92% of the value of the card. Mailing your card to the company is free as you are given a free shipping label by the company.

If the brand that you have a card for isn’t listed on the website, it is possible to get a custom offer instead. Once the company receives your card, your payment will be processed within 48hours. CardKangaroo does not accept e-gift cards.


There you have it. Our run down of best sites to sell gift cards. These are great platform to use if you want to make money buying and selling gift cards.

The platforms listed here will allow you to easily convert your gift cards to cash. Visit any of them to exchange your unwanted gift cards for some extra cash or even bitcoin.

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