A Review of Cardtonic – Best Place to Sell Gift Cards and Bitcoins

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How would you like to know an online platform where you can get the highest rate possible for your bitcoins and gift cards? Probably “enthusiastic,” right?

The platform is Cardtonic, and it is an online exchange platform where you can sell your gift cards and bitcoins for one of the best rates in Nigeria.

This platform has been verified by trustworthy news outlets such as Punch, Pulse, and Legit. Also, a simple search of their name on Google will yield tons of positive reviews left by those who have patronized their platform at one time or the other.

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All of these point to the fact Cardtonic is a business you can trust with your bitcoin and gift card, which is more or less you trusting them with your money.

Apart from being reliable, Cardtonic also buys gift cards and bitcoins at prices that are very favourable to sellers. This is because even though they are looking to make a profit, they are also committed to putting smiles on the faces of their customers.

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This dedication to customer satisfaction has brought them tons of customers such that they can afford to charge little fees when redeeming gift cards and bitcoins for people.

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One other reason which sets Cardtonic apart and makes it the best website to trade is how fast it is to conduct a transaction on its platform.

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From the moment a visitor to the Cardtonic website clicks on “Trade Now” to the moment they are credited will take all of five (5) minutes averagely; this is probably the fastest transaction time in the entire country.

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And what’s more, Cardtonic has a mobile application for both iOS and Android devices, which further renders transactions easier for their customers.

Gift card and bitcoin buyers are a dime a dozen on social media, although the simple truth is that the vast majority of them are not trustworthy.

And those that can be trusted are too occupied with making profits for themselves that you, the gift card/bitcoin seller is left with less than is optimal.

Besides, the vast majority of these vendors are just middlemen, which means that they will want to take their own cut, as a result of which you will get an even lesser amount of money.

Instead of going through a process such as this, which is fraught with risk and uncertainty, why not patronize a legitimate and established exchanger like Cardtonic.

It is easy; simply visit their website Cardtonic.com, or download their app for Android and iOS on your device, and start transacting immediately.

If you have any question, you can check Cardtonic FAQ page, use the live chat on their website or Call/Whatsapp 07060502770.

Follow Cardtonic on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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