Best Tools and Resources To Trade Gift Cards Online

Best Tools and Resources To Trade Gift Cards Online
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⅓ of people have received a gift card they never used and $3 billion in gift cards went unused in 2019. Trading gift cards has become easier in recent times due to innovations in the tech space.

In today’s article, I’m explaining the best tools and resources to trade gift cards online effectively.

Technology has made a lot of aspects of our life a lot easier, from our career to education, to even leisure and of course, trading gift cards are not left out.

What are Gift Cards?

Gift cards are prepaid money cards used as an alternative means of payment when shopping. Gift cards are used in stores, restaurants and just about anywhere that accepts them.

They come in various types, denominations and countries.

Forms of Gift Cards

They exist in two forms;

1. Physical Cards:

These are plastic branded cards issued by brands in physical outlets. These cards usually have the logo of the brand on them and other information such as the amount on the card.

2. E-Gift Cards:

They are also known as Ecodes. These are digital codes bought online and sent to your email address or phone number.

Trading Gift Cards

What do you do when you acquire a gift card that cannot be used in Nigeria? Let it go to waste? Throw it away? No, you sell them for cash!

With the increase in trading platforms, you can now trade your gift cards in return for cash.

Gift cards such as Sephora, can not be used in Nigeria so the best thing to do is to trade them.

Best Tools To Trade Gift Cards

To trade your gift cards effectively, certain tools have been created to make the process faster and easier.

1. Rate Calculator:

A rate calculator is a special feature on most trading platforms where you can easily calculate how much you would get for your card. You get this information by inputting details about your card such as the category, sub-category and amount on the card.

Rates are not stable, they change frequently. So, this tool makes it so easy for you to trade as you know the best time for you to trade your cards.

2. Trading Apps:

With the recent innovations in the tech space, trading gift cards has become so much easier as most trading platforms now operate on Android and IOS applications.

With this, you can trade your gift cards any time and anywhere you are, on the go.

3. Research Resources:

It’s more than just trading your gift vouchers, having good knowledge and a credible resource centre for gift cards and trading news is equally important. It keeps you up to date with the trends in the industry with articles to refer to when you want to seek more knowledge.

For example, you may want to trade your Amazon gift card and you wish to know more information about it. Questions like these may come up;

  • What are Amazon gift cards?
  • How do I redeem Amazon cards?
  • How do I check the balance of my card?

And many others.

It is quite helpful to have online resources that can answer all your questions and more.


Technology has improved our way of living in all aspects of our lives and it has made trading gift cards even easier.

With a rate calculator, trading apps available any time and anywhere, and an online resource centre, you can trade your gift cards for cash in Nigeria with ease.

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