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Digital Gift Ideas: How to Make Your Gifts Stand Out

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The holidays are just around the corner – and it is an interesting time for us all.

Of course, we could argue that there are about two months left, but we all know that the season comes upon us all like a surprise, no matter how long we have prepared for it.

Before the ups and downs of the festivities get to a head, though, how about we take a moment to look at digital gifts you could get for your loved ones?

Why Consider Digital Gifts?

Why Consider Digital Gifts?

Digital gift ideas are a welcome option for a variety of reasons, some of which are:

  • Last-minute purchases – Say, you have shopped gifts for everyone then suddenly remembered that you are yet to get a loved one anything too. It might be too late to start planning on getting them something thoughtful, wrapping it and sending it to them too. With digital gifts, all you have to do is make a purchase and they can get it instantly. Speaking of…
  • Eliminate shipping fees – Especially when the person you are sending a gift to is far away from you, shipping fees might become quite the cost. Sometimes, shipping even costs more than the product you are getting itself. Digital gifts can be sent online, thus eliminating the need for shipping
  • Uniqueness – Whether you care to admit it or not, you want your gift to count so much the other person remembers you for it. Picking out the right e-gift could help you achieve that, and you would not even have to sweat it out to get there.
  • Other reasons – Sometimes, you don’t know what to get that friend who seems to have material abundance. At other times, you are torn between making a thoughtful decision without appearing to have overspent or underestimated the person you are gifting. In these cases, or more, digital gifts make all the difference.

Digital Gift Options to Consider

Now that you know why e-gifting is the new fad, how about we run down some of the best presents you can get your loved ones?

Gift Cards

Amazon Gift Cards

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Gift cards have long been a great way to gift someone. When you think about it, they solve a lot of problems for both the giver (you) and receiver of the gifts.

I have also been in situations where I was at a loss when it came to getting someone a present. That was not because I did not know them well enough, but was overwhelmed with the decision of what they would appreciate the most.

Knowing their kind of person and habits, I knew what they would fancy over the other. However, I didn’t know which of the items in the categories of their best pick will resonate best with them. If you have also been gifting for a while, you would know that gifting money is usually awkward.

Thus, gift cards help you make it in such a way that you can give the recipients an equivalent of money which they can then use to buy the best present for themselves. In a way, you helped them get the ideal gift.

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Now that you see it that way, here are some gift cards to think about:

  • Netflix gift cards – can be used to buy shows, movies and documentaries
  • Amazon gift cards – can be used to purchase virtually anything on the Amazon online store
  • iTunes gift certificates – to be used to purchase music, shows, album, tracks, etc. on the iTunes store
  • Steam gift cards – ideal for the gamers. Allows them to purchase games of their choice on the Steam platform
  • Newegg gift cards – for gadget lovers. The extensive catalogue of gadgets on Newegg will wow them.

There are other websites offering gift cards too. If such websites are offering what your loved one will appreciate, that is the gift card you need to get them.



Besides gift cards, subscriptions to their favorite services will also mean a lot to them. Thankfully, the African and world tech scene is growing so much that users now prefer to subscribe to on-demand services rather than simply download the content.

If this the way you would prefer to go instead, here are our top picks:

  • Cable TV (DSTV / GoTv, etc.) – Given that you can now subscribe over the air, handling a premium subscription for as long as you can will be thoughtful. Anywhere from 3 months to a year is ideal.
  • Music streaming services – Everyone is a music lover. At least, to a certain extent. We all love to have our music handy too, and that is just what music streaming services offer. Today, we have all of Spotify Music, Google Play Music, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Boomplay and Deezer, among others, to choose from.
  • Video streaming services – Under this heading, the first thing that comes to mind is Netflix. While that is logical, there are a lot more video content streaming services out there.

For sports lovers, you should consider gifting a fuboTV subscription. This will bring them all the content from soccer, races, football, tennis and other interesting sports from all around the world. Other options like YouTube TV, DirecTV Now, Hulu with Live TV and PlayStation Vue also bring sports content – but they offer so much more than that.

A gift of this could change the way your loved one watches TV content forever.

  • Utilities – The computer age has been here for a while now, and that is not going away anytime soon. To that effect, every core user will need certain utilities for a seamless experience. Subscriptions you can get here include antivirus plans, VPNs for some or all of their devices, Office packages (such as the Microsoft Office subscription), etc.

Commodities (Digitally Transferable)

Commodities (Digitally Transferable)

All the talks about digital gifts could have gotten you thinking that none of these presents could come out in the physical form. Well, that is not so, seeing as some companies have made provision for you to gift something online which could be physically redeemed.

For this, I am only sure of one, but I will update this space as soon as I try out and confirm others. I’m very sure, though, that a little digging will bring up more options for you.

  • Budweiser beers – The company behind the Budweiser beers have a Buds for Buds app which allows you gift someone a bottle of beer – or a couple of bottles – over the air. The fact that you are not in the same place doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share a cold bottle together.

Final Words

Doesn’t digital gifting sound so good right now?

If you have found something of interest here, I will love to hear it in the comments. Likewise, I’d love to hear from anyone who has ever sent their loved one a digital gift too. And, oh, don’t forget to tell us what you sent them.

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