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Amazon Echo
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Amazon Echo is one of the most popular products under the smart speaker product range. The hands-free speaker is controlled by a person’s voice and connects to a voice service known as Alexa which enables it to do various tasks as instructed plus providing requested information.

Some of the information it offers includes weather reports, sports scores as well as local and international news. Additionally, it can be used to make calls, play music and answer questions among others.

Best VPN for Amazon Echo

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Although Amazon Echo is becoming part and parcel of many homes or offices, it is essential to keep the internet connection used by the device as secure as possible. On the surface, it might look like having an unsecured connection poses no risk but with a closer look, a number of threats become evident. Some of the advantages of using Amazon Echo with a VPN are:


VPNs ensure that personal information shared with the smart speaker is kept private. Majority of the private networks encrypt data on the device ensuring that outsiders cannot access it.

Grow your online visibility

Apart from the protection of data, the VPN also keeps your IP address well-hidden so that no one can pinpoint your actual location through the internet connection.

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Bypass Restrictions

Listening to music on the go is one of the benefits of having an Amazon Echo device.

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However, when outside the US, it might be impossible to use the regular plug-ins available making it hard to enjoy your favorite tracks.

However, using a VPS makes it possible to use the device while protecting your entire home network.

Protection from Hacking

Most times, smart speakers store all the information they pick up around the house even when you are not speaking directly to them.

Therefore, the information stored in them needs to be protected from hackers that would want to access it for their personal gain.

However, a good VPN eliminates such risks and allows you to enjoy using Amazon Echo in your home or office.

Optimization of Device Usage

The main aim of buying the Amazon Echo is to make your life easier and more fun. However, if you are always in fear of your privacy, then you will not use the device as required.

To eradicate such worries, you only need to set up a VPN that protects you from any attacks and ensures your information is as secure as possible.

Top 5 VPNs for Amazon Echo

To enjoy all the features that Amazon Echo provides, you need to be protected online by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Luckily, many VPN providers offer excellent services to customers using the device at home or the office and need their information protected. Some of the providers that offer some of the best VPN services for Amazon Echo are listed below.

1. PureVPN

Setting up of PureVPN is easy because you do not have to download software into the device. The VPN ensures that your connection is always safe when browsing online because of its extra features.

Some of the features it offers are tutorials about VPN set up, excellent customer support, and clear service on mobile devices. Also, the VPN blocks your internet service provider from monitoring your internet activity as well as capping your usage.

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To learn more about using the private network with Amazon Echo, check out the purevpn review here.

For details and pricing of PureVPN, Click Here

2. NordVPN

NordVPN is the perfect service provider for individuals that are using restricted internet connections all over the world. It ensures that the user does not experience any blocking or censorship while using the Amazon device online.

The VPN has a unique feature known as CyberSec which offers protection from malware and viruses that are targeting the Amazon Echo smart speaker.

Other outstanding features of the VPN are smart DNS, kill switch, advanced encryptions, double VPN, presence in over sixty two countries and protection against DNS leak. On payments, they offer a thirty-day refund policy to anyone that buys the product.

For details and pricing of NordVPN, Click Here

3. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a user-friendly and designed for users that are not too tech savvy. The private network can be quickly downloaded and installed by just pushing a button.

It also has servers located in different parts of the world making it worth using for your Amazon Echo device. Some of the significant features of the VPN are top-notch encryption, no knowledge DNS, kill switch, zero logs policy, and excellent customer service.

Additionally, it has a money back guarantee for the first thirty days of use.

4. BulletVPN

Streaming music using Amazon Echo seamlessly is enhanced when using BulletVPN. It has about thirty servers worldwide which serve its clients well.

Thankfully, the few servers can handle the capacity that is needed for them to manage the work for clients. Apart from the servers, the VPN has other unique features like five security protocols, smart DNS, kill switch, high-level encryptions, and excellent customer support.

5. IP Vanish

IP Vanish is an ideal VPN for gaming devices but can also work well with Amazon Echo. It has many great features such as fast downloads, utmost privacy and it is also super secure.

When it comes to using with the Amazon device, its fast speeds allows you to download music or enjoy music streaming without any interruptions.

Other things that stand out with IP Vanish are its presence in over sixty countries, kill switch, encryption, live customer service and its ability to accommodate up to ten connections at the same time. On payment, the private network has a refund policy for a maximum of seven days.

Overall, finding a VPN that works well with Amazon Echo is important for anyone that wants to maximize the use of the device.

If possible, test out some VPNs in the market before settling on the one that offers the best protection when at home or in the office. Always be open to changing your VPN service provider to a better one to ensure security of the data shared with your smart speaker is assured.

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