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5 Reasons why you need to Consider Using a VPN from today

The internet is an amazing place. The range of things you can do on internet is limitless. Start with listening to latest music, working from home, finding a new date to love to do shopping, it’s all amazing.

You can even create a whole new world to play around in. The internet is something that has become an important part of our day to day life to an extent that most of us just could not survive without internet. We carry our internet gadgets in with us to keep the world at our fingertips.

In the initial days, Internet used to be boundless and everybody has the right to access any type of information, view/download any stuff they are interested in. The purpose was to provide free flow of information.

However, with so many security threats hoping to steal our data, ISP restrictions, many people are often hesitant to access the World Wide Web.

You can’t always fight against the government or the ISPs and other prying eyes that have changed your internet usage. Instead you can play smart and use these VPN apps to access any blocked website, apps and services while making you ultra safe from hackers, ISP and Governments who are tracking your browsing activities.

What is a VPN?

VPN means Virtual Private Network. That doesn’t mean you don’t need internet to connect with websites. Your internet service provider is essential and VPN can’t be a substitute for it.

Once you have the internet, A VPN gets your traffic through a more secure tunnel by hiding your IP. Thus allowing you remains safe while browsing internet. There are a lot benefits to use a VPN. Below, you can see five main benefits of using VPN.

1. Keep safe on Public WiFi

Public wifi is incredibly useful and can help you get things done when you are out of house or office. For freelancers and bloggers they are essential allowing them to work while travelling, in coffee shops, or even in airports to stay connected.

The ease of use of these wifi hotspots can become an absolute hives for data miners who attempt to use these networks to steal data and private information.

But, a VPN can stop that by creating a private network within the public wifi network. This will ensure your data is remaining safe and secure.

2. Access Geo-restricted Websites

A number of websites will block certain part of their services to only few countries. Sites like Netflix and Spotify have different content for different countries.

This can become a big problem when you are travelling to another country where your favorite content is not available. However, the VPN can help you log into the country specific IP and allow you to browse the websites without any problem.

3. Save while Shopping

There are various shopping sites online that shows different price for the same product depending on the location you are in while browsing.

It can be buying a hotel room, buying your favorite t-shirt, or anything like that. As a customer it is disheartening to see price changes so quickly. To deal with this, a VPN can switch their identities and help you find the product at lower prices. It might be large process but if you are saving a big amount then you can definitely go for it.

4. Combat Internet Censorship

There are certain websites which access is controlled by governments. If you are a resident of a respective state then you are not allowed to access some sites like news and research websites.

They might be essential for many for communication purpose and information research purpose. A VPN service helps you in gaining access to such websites which you can use without providing any information to the security system. You do not need to worry about your online activities; a VPN can make sure it is foolproof.

5. Stay undetected while Torrenting

Yes, let’s to be honest – many people are using VPN connections to download files through BitTorrent sites.

This can actually be useful even if you are downloading completely legal torrents but your ISP is throttling BitTorrents and making it very slow.

You can then use a VPN to get faster speeds. The same is true for all kinds of traffic that your ISP might want to interfere with.

Over to You

These are the top benefits to using a VPN while browsing internet or doing your day to day activities using the internet.  I hope it has enlightened some of you about your online activity.

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What do you think a VPN? For what activity you want to use a VPN? Let me know your feedback through the comment section below.

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