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The tech world is moving at supersonic speed and the hotel industry is impressively keeping up with the pace. Apps, software systems, digital wallets and social media platforms are changing service delivery in this industry.

Hoteliers are adapting to a fast-paced way of life, by replacing manual service delivery with technological systems which make it easier for customers to enjoy meals and other services without much hustle.

Below are the top tech trends in the restaurant business in 2020

Instagram Marketing

Food is visually appealing and so are beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces in restaurants, In 2020, restaurants are splashing their Instagram accounts with appetizing images of food, unique furnishings and interesting design elements.

It’s all about temptation marketing. Instagram users are tempted to visit establishments which capture their personal tastes and style, judging by their eye candy pages on the platform. That is the aim of Instagram Marketing.

Instagram is built to appeal to the eyes and restaurants are making a kill with well-managed business accounts. Smart owners are even hiring professional photographers, just to bring their unique place to feel to the virtual space.

Restaurant Reservation Software

Do you want to surprise your better half with a well planned for dinner? It’s easy, just find the most suitable restaurant on the platform such Eat App. This app helps you to discover restaurants within your location and to make reservations. It eases the traditional hustle of looking for eat-out joints physically.

Remember that often, you might want to make reservations at the only restaurant you know, only to find out that it’s completely booked, especially on special days like valentines.

With the Eat App, however, you’re spoilt for choice. There are numerous restaurants at your disposal, thus creating room for last minute booking.

Tablet Ordering Systems

It’s no longer 2008 when a tired and overworked waiter in uniform takes your order and disappears into a back room and then appears 30 minutes later with your food. Restaurants are taking it a notch higher with tablet ordering systems, whereby a menu is uploaded onto special software.

From there you can make your order by simply clicking your preferred meals on an electronic tablet. The order is then printed at the counter, immediately you make a submission. From there, a waiter at the counter takes the printed order and after a little time, he will bring you a meal.

Advanced Payment Options

Many people are adopting a cashless lifestyle and restaurants are following suit. When you make an order online, you don’t need to pay the delivery person in cash.

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Restaurants, especially those that have invested in special industry apps and tech systems allow customers to pay through advanced options such as Google pay, which works seamlessly when using delivery or reservation apps.

Other options like PayPass and Face recognition payments are considered safer and are therefore becoming common in restaurants.

Such systems not only increase security but they also reduce chances of dealing with unscrupulous hotel workers who are likely to charge more than required amounts through a cash system.

Furthermore, the use of digital wallets in restaurants allows you to navigate foreign locations easily without starving to death. You can now pay for food using Paypal or Apple Pay without struggling to convert your cash into a different currency. This saves you time and enjoying a meal becomes easier, regardless of your location.

Food Delivery Apps

Restaurants are coming to your house in style. You don’t need to drive to your favourite joint to enjoy that exotic meal. If you don’t feel like cooking, all you need is a delivery app like UberEats or Seamless.

These apps have partnered with restaurants from across the globe and they allow digital payments like Paypal and Google Pay. What’s more interesting is the fact that you can order meals based on reviews by other customers.

Whether you’re in your home country or a thousand miles away from home, food delivery is becoming a big deal in 2020.

Strong WiFi Systems

Installing WiFi systems is not a new venture but in 2020, it has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Customers need to make payments using their E-wallets.

They also need to call a taxi once they’re done eating and at times, they just want to upload photos on Instagram to showcase their wonderful experience at the restaurant. In a nutshell, there are endless uses for a strong WiFi system in 2020, and they all work in a restaurant’s favour.


To conclude, our world becomes more and more digital every day. To stay competitive, you should update your place with tech trends and novelties. Such action makes it easy not only to satisfy customers but also to promote your restaurant and be above all your competitors.

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