How to Find the Best SIM Only Plans

How to find the Best SIM Only Plans
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SIM only plans are SIM-exclusive packages where a mobile network bills you a flat monthly fee for a given amount of call minutes, mobile data, and text messages.

Once you subscribe to a SIM only plan, you will not be billed for calls, data, or SMS, until you exceed the amount allocated to your chosen package.

SIM only plans are different from the traditional phone contracts in one key area. You are not tied to a phone, you are only paying for using the SIM to connect to the network for calls, text, and data.

It is also flexible as you do not necessarily need to sign a long contract. While phone contracts are usually 2 years, SIM only plans can last for as little as a month, though you can get a better deal if you sign a longer contract.

Since, SIM cards are portable, you are not also tied to any network. If you do not like your current network you can easily port to another network.

These days, the best SIM only plans offer unlimited text and unlimited calls. The only differentiator is usually the data limit and the data speed of the network.

Hence, to get the best SIM only plans, you need to pay attention to the data limit and data speed. Now, Let us take a look at how you can find the best SIM only plans for your smartphone.

Research Online for Comparison

The starting point is to search online. There are a number of comparison websites that offer a bird eye view of the plans available from different networks.

These sites will show you prices per month as well as the allocated call minutes, text messages, and mobile data for each package across multiple networks.

Some Blogs also review SIM only plans given you an idea of what to expect. When conducting your research make sure to note the minimum term of the contract (i.e 1 month, 2 months, 12 months). Also note if 4G data or even 5G data is available.

Once you have narrowed down to one or more networks visit their websites to clarify details. You can also contact customer if you have any questions.

Note the Data Allocation

Some of the best SIM only deals come with unlimited call minutes and unlimited SMS. Data is usually the network resource to pay attention to.

Get the best bang for your money by choosing a plan that gives you the best data allowance for the monthly fee you are paying.

Make sure 4G LTE or 5G is Supported

Data is life these days and slow networks can be very frustrating. This is why the speed of the network should be an important consideration.

4G is the minimum you should be going for. This will ensure you stream videos without annoying buffering. Downloads will be fast too.

With a lot of buzz around 5G, it is not out of place to also be on the lookout for 5G SIM only plans. At least try to find out the plans your network have to 5G.

Does the SIM Only Plan support Roaming

Another thing to consider especially if you are big on travelling is to know if roaming is supported. With roaming you can use your allocated call minutes, data, and text abroad.

Roaming is not usually global so note the countries were roaming is supported.

Is Tethering Supported

Tethering will enable you share your data allocation with other devices. If tethering is allowed on your contract, you will be able to create a Wi-Fi hotspot on your device.

Most of the best SIM only plans will support tethering.

Test with a One Month Contract before diving in

Before making a long term commitment, test the network first with a one month SIM only plan. This will enable you gauge the quality of service first before making a long term commitment.

During this one month period, test the data speed and network availability and reliability to make sure it meets your needs.

Also check quality of the voice calls, the SMS delivery speed, and all other services that may be important to you.

Go for a one Year Contract

Once, you have tested a SIM only plan for a month or a couple of months, you should upgrade to a one year contract.

This is because the one year contracts usually offer the best deals. They offer more data allocation with unlimited data usually and option.

Follow the steps above and you will find the best SIM only plans in your country. Do you have more tips? Share it as a comment.

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