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Should You Use A Background Video For Your Website?

Should You Use A Background Video For Your Website?
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If it’s not broken, don’t fix it is what many in the website design world go by. This is why websites have mainly looked alike for a while now. Website designers have found users to interact with websites in favorable ways with the bold visual trend that’s currently ongoing. 

This popular trend hasn’t been fully taken advantage of though as most websites use just bold fonts, shapes, and images without paying much attention to the video. The most you would see of a video is it being on a particular section as a YouTube embed. There are very few websites that have taken advantage of the possibilities that come with using full background videos.

If you’re still in the middle as to if using a background video on your website is the right decision, there are a few pointers below that’s going to be from the perspective of deciding to go with a background video. If you see yourself doing the things listed then you should try video.

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The video should align with your landing page’s message  

The worst thing that can happen to your website is having a video that doesn’t give meaning to the message you have on your website.

When using background landing page videos, ensure that your videos go straight to point in connecting what your brand or website is about. 

Keep the Video Short

Just like the way every other part of your website is concise, your video shouldn’t feel like a full documentary.

If your brand is into selling or acquiring customers, getting to your customer’s pain point and how you help solve the problem or a collage of testimonials from satisfied customers is a good approach to go with the video.

If you decide to show product or service features, please make sure it’s short. A short video also helps in reducing video size and this helps to load the website faster. No one tolerates a slow website nowadays.

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Make the Video Personal

If you’re going to have a video on your website as the full background, it’s definitely going to be immersive and what goes well with an immersive experience is a personal one.

By acknowledging the person watching your video and bringing them into the world of whatever your website is about, you tend to strike a chord early on. This makes it easy to convince the user of any other action you want him or her to take on the site.

If you need examples of work that have been personalized, go through case studies of this web design company for some inspiration.

Stay Away from Sound

As counter-intuitive as this may sound, not having a video with sound is actually a very clever thing to do when using full background videos on your site.

If you’ve visited websites that have autoplay on videos, you must have found yourself looking for the mute button with all the vigor you have in you. Videos with sounds in the background use context is a big turn off for most people. 

What about the examples you gave earlier on you may ask. Examples of creating videos that show product features or customer testimonials.

This is where annotation comes in. You can be creative with adding text to the background video as long as it doesn’t take away from the entire website experience.

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