Best Tips to Save Money while Buying a Used iPhone

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The first iPhone was released on 29 June 2007. Since then, technology has evolved a lot and so the iPhone. Over the years, the iPhone has emerged as a symbol of luxury. It is built with great craftsmanship and signifies perfection.

In general, the iPhone is a great device and most people dream to own one. On the contrary, it doesn’t come cheap. Your best bet can be to look out for used iphones for sale.

Through this way, you can fulfill your dream of owning an iPhone even without the need to pay the full price.

Are used and Refurbished iPhones reliable?

Although, the brand Apple itself is quite reliable and trusted. But, there may be some trade offs while buying a used iPhone.

Sometimes, it can create a great source of pain if the deal went wrong from your side and you got a defective product due to the lack of knowledge about buying a used one.

But, in this post, we will guide you on saving money while buying a used iPhone and how to do the quality check in the right way.

Save money while buying a used iPhone:

1. Picking up the smaller one:

If you go for the iPhone with smaller screen size and storage, you can save considerably. The iPhone with massive screen size and storage capacity are more expensive.

You can cut down the cost to own an iPhone by going for a smaller one. For example, iPhone XS with 64GB storage capacity goes to $999. On the other hand, the iPhone XS variant with the 256 storage capacity comes with $150 more price, which counts to a total of $1149. Hence, you can save $150 by going with the 64 GB variant.

2. Buying an older model:

The newer model of the iPhones cost more than the older ones due to the introduction of the new technology and many other factors. If you are on a tight model and wants to own an iPhone, it is also a great way to cut down your expense.

3. Sell away your old device:

If you are not in the need of your older device, you can directly sell it away on an online marketplace.

If your older device is in good condition and you have good trade skills, you can easily get at least half the value of it depending upon the condition of your device. This extra amount will definitely help you to a great extent while buying the iPhone.

4. Buying from an online marketplace:

Just like the e-commerce stores selling the brand new, there are a lot of online stores came into existence selling the used and refurbished products.

You can easily find the online stores selling electronic products even with no shipping costs at all and also at a discounted price.

One more benefit of buying products from these stores is that they manually do the complete quality check of the product and also give a warranty over the product.

On the other hand, if you’re buying from a seller directly by visiting him/her, you will not be able to test the product completely due to the short time period and also you’ll not get a warranty.

5. Buying from an offline marketplace:

There also exists a lot of offline marketplace from where you can buy the used iPhones at a cheaper price. They also provide almost all the benefits which the online stores offer.

If you’re lucky enough to find a good offline store, you may also end up with the deal even better and cheaper than the online store.

Check well before buying a used iPhone:

1. Check if the device is a stolen one or not:

You must check before buying a used iPhone that whether it is a stolen piece or not.

You can easily do so by knowing the IMEI number of that phone and follow some steps to check whether it is locked with an Activation lock or not.

You can contact Apple support for confirming the identity and for any further assistance during the process.

2. Check if the device is compatible with your phone carrier:

When the iPhone 5 came into the market at that time, Apple made its device functional on the all-company network. That means the iPhone was able to work with all the telecom operators.

If you’re buying an older variant of the iPhone, you must confirm that if it’s operable on your telecom provider’s network or not.

Some used and refurbished iPhone devices are exported ones and are made to operate in a particular country. So, it is a very important point of consideration while buying a used device.

3. Check for the battery health and other hardware damages:

One must keep in mind before buying an iPhone that its battery is irreplaceable. Generally, the iPhone with the usage of less than a year has a good battery life and health.

Whereas the ones with more usage can show some quick battery drainage on use. You should also thoroughly check for all the minor and major hardware damages or scratches.

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