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The 10 Best Ways to Help Get Rid of Mice

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Fighting mice with the 10 best tips. Tripping feet on the ceiling? You probably have bingo: mice in the house. You want to get rid of these pests as soon as possible!

Here you can use this ultimate pest control to effectively control or repel the mice. Tackle the problem yourself with mouse traps and mouse poison, or outsource it to a professional pest controller. Also, don’t forget to find out how the mice actually got in.

Seal all holes and cracks, so that you will never be bothered by these uninvited guests again.

Mice are unsanitary and pose a health risk that should not be underestimated. Their faeces and urine carry diseases such as Weil’s disease and Hantavirus.

Infection easily takes place through direct contact with the faeces or even through the air. The Hanta virus ends up in dust from dried faeces, which spreads in your house (for example by sweeping). People can inhale this dust and become infected.

So be very careful when cleaning up dead mice or rats and make sure they can’t reach the kitchen or your food under any circumstances.

Mice Multiply Rapidly Into A Mouse Plague In The House

If you do not immediately start fighting the mice, you run a great risk of a mouse infestation. Mice reproduce at a rapid rate. A young mouse is already sexually mature after 2 months and has an average of 6 to 10 litters with 5 to 6 young. You understand that you will be housing a very large family of mice in no time.

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Rat in Ceiling
Mice like to sit in the attic, in the cavity or above the ceiling

Do the mice disturb your night’s sleep by tripping back and forth between the ceiling? Or does a brave mouse shoot through the living room right in front of your feet? Mice are everywhere in the house.

They use the cavity as a highway to explore the entire house. They don’t need more than a tiny hole to get in. They prefer to build their nests in a warm place, a short distance from their food source. So don’t be surprised if you find a mouse’s nest behind the fridge.

The barn is also a favorite place for the mouse. You often store things here that you do not need for a while. Mice like to stay in garden cushions and boxes with old newspapers or rugs.

Fighting Or Chasing Mice, How Do You Do That?

You can fight mice in different ways. You can kill them or catch them alive and put them outside the door. You can also chase them out of your home with various means.

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The 10 Best Tips For Fighting Mice

It is not easy to stop the mouse infestation. The rapidly growing mouse population is sometimes difficult to locate or not easy to control. With these tips you will stop the mouse infestation in your home and effectively make short work of the mice.

  1. Plug all holes and cracks with an anti-mouse kit. Go very carefully around your house. Where can the mice get in everywhere? Plug all these holes. Use a Mouseshield  or Mousestop special anti-mouse kit for this . With protective mesh you close the ventilation openings for mice, but you maintain the ventilation. The ventilation opening is the way for a mouse to enter your house through the cavity.
  2. Store your own food in lockable containers. Also make sure all pet food is in well-sealed containers.
  3. Locate where the mice are in the house. Look carefully to see if you can also find mouse droppings in other rooms.
  4. Look in these rooms for the smallest holes and plug them well. Also think of cable ducts, heating pipes, etc. Now no more mice can come in and you can get started.
  5. Put poison in those places where you have mice nuisance. Make sure that no children or pets can get to it!
  6. Make sure that the mice can always continue to eat the poison. So keep topping up until no more is eaten and the mice stay away. This can take several weeks.
  7. Will the mice continue to eat the poison and will the nuisance not diminish? Then it is possible that the mice are resistant to this type of mouse poison. A product with a different active ingredient can then offer a solution. A good alternative is also the Muskil paste . This contains 2 active ingredients.
  8. For those who do not want to get started with poison, there is the old trusted mouse trap. Success assured! An additional advantage: you see immediate results. The dead mice do not remain, but are immediately cleaned up.
  9. A quick and deadly mousetrap is the electric mousetrap. This battery-operated trap gives the mouse an electric shock after being lured inside. You then clean up the mouse in a hygienic way without touching the animal.
  10. Would you rather not have to deal with mousetraps, clamps or poison yourself? We can help you find addresses of pest controllers who can quickly get rid of a mouse infestation in a conscious and socially responsible way. Fill in the  form  and we will automatically email you the telephone number of a certified fighter. 

The Mouse-friendly Method: An Animal-friendly Mouse Trap

Mouse Trap

With an animal-friendly mouse trap you catch a mouse to release it back into nature. This is a good solution if you want to get rid of the mice, but don’t want to kill them.

Catching a mouse alive can be done with an animal-friendly mouse trap , as shown in the video below. Several mice can fit in this trap at the same time. If the space is too small, the mice will die very quickly due to the stress.

It is therefore important to release the mice as soon as possible after capture. Do this at least 100 meters from home, otherwise you will have them again the next day.

Repel Mice With Scent

Mice don’t like certain smells. On internet forums you can read various posts about repelling mice with toilet blocks, cat hair, aftershave or liquid soap. I have my reservations about this.

Mice live so close to humans that I can’t imagine you can scare them away permanently with scent. The mustolet spray is a specially developed spray with a penetrating scent. It has a bit of a burning smell.

I tested this with a customer and the mice stayed away for a short time only to return.

It is a fact that mice do not tolerate some smells well. For example, you can scare away mice with peppermint oil or tea bags.

Repel Mice with Ultrasonic Sounds

A simple device in the socket against the mice? Yes it really is! Nowadays there are various devices for sale that emit ultrasonic sounds. These high-frequency sounds are so high that the mouse is bothered by them, but humans cannot hear them. The mice are upset by the sounds and look for another home.

How effective is this method? Until now, we have received mainly positive reactions from customers who have used the ultrasonic pest repellers against mice nuisance. The pests were gone in no time.

However, it can be detrimental to other pets who may also perceive the sounds. Even some people seem to be able to hear the high-frequency sounds and may be bothered by them.

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

All in all, the positive experiences of the ultrasonic mouse repeller dominate and it relieves you of the mouse nuisance in an animal-friendly way.

Repel Mice From The Garden

Repelling mice from the garden is difficult or almost impossible. Mice can hide well under the plants, this is the perfect hideout. To control mice in the garden, you will have to put something around the garden that keeps the mice out.

This can be a plastic border, but also think about scattering herbs such as mint, chamomile or lavender. Mice hate this. Also keep the garden as bare as possible, so that they have no hiding place from the bird of prey.

Catching Mice With A Glue Board

An old-fashioned and animal-unfriendly method: the glue boards. You lubricate a board or piece of cardboard with a strong special glue and place it on the places where you are bothered by mice.

You do this tightly along the side, plinth or holes where mice can get through. You can make it extra attractive with something tasty on the glue traps. The mouse sticks to the glue trap and dies of stress or hunger and thirst. Sometimes the mouse even gnaws its own paws to break free.

The use of glue boards or glue boards is an animal-unfriendly method and therefore prohibited. Despite the fact that you are punishable when you use them, the glue boards may be sold.

A good alternative with the best results is this mouse poison from Muskil . A new type of poison, with different active substances, that kills the mice within 3 to 4 days.


We hope you can now control mice with the mice-controlling approaches discussed above. For a fast and almost immediate solution to mouse removal, visit everpest.com for details.

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